Ever since STI changed its name to Staccato the mission of the company has changed as well. Instead of creating high quality 2011 race guns, now Staccato focuses on making well built 2011s for duty or self-defense. In doing so, Staccato has lowered the price of entry for consumers to get their hands on duty-grade 2011s. The price of entry is still high yet, at a more feasible price point than ever before.

Ever since that shift in focus the Staccato P and C2 has become their best selling pistols for the brand. Now, the Staccato P and C2 are receiving some upgrade options that you can get from Staccato at the factory.

Those new additions are: a threaded bull barrel, weight reduction slide cuts, and a Dawson Precision Compensator. You can add all these accessories to your P or C2 or you could add just one. The choice is yours. Giving you a more personalized 2011 to meet your needs as a shooter.

Spending Time With The Staccato P & C2 Comp

At, range day and on the Shot Show floor Staccato showed off their new optimized Staccato P and C2. Before, that I had a chance to spend some time with the Staccato P and C2 on range day. Here are my first impressions of those upgrades.

First, off the new upgrades are partly visual and partly functional. These upgrades combine together to create a better shooting experience in an already impressive handguns.

The new slide cuts are more of a visual aesthetic than anything else. Yes, it cuts reduce weight but, not drastically enough that it’s going to change the reciprocation of that slide. At, most it will be minimal difference. It provides more of a visual enhancement. The new slide has this clean yet aggressive vibe to it. That is naturally visually appealing.

Next, Staccato has added a threaded barrel. Now, this could potentially effect the mechanics of the gun. If you add a suppressor the Staccatos are going to shoot flatter and quieter. For easier follow-up shots and aid in accuracy. The added length and weight of the threaded barrel aids in reducing felt recoil. You could also alternatively add a compensator to your Staccato and achieve reduce recoil and increase accuracy minus the sound suppression.

You can get the threaded barrel and the comp from the factory. This combination of barrel and comp allows the Staccato P and C2 to shoot lights out. Running together like a finely tuned engine. Working in a perfect harmony with each other creating a shooting experience like no other.

Now, when all these elements come together like a well orchestrated symphony the music it creates is beautiful. Both of the Staccato P and C2 shot like a dream. All that you expect from an Staccato pistol just optimized.

Duty Trigger

First, we will discuss this awesome duty trigger. This single stage trigger in the Staccatos was as clean and crisp as ever. A nice short uptake, a clean and crisp break of that trigger, with a short and sweet reset. The pull weight for Staccato’s duty/self defense 2011s are 4.5 lbs. Falling right into that zone of ideal trigger pull weight for a duty pistol.

Solid Ergonomics

Next, ergonomics. As, always Staccatos feel incredibly good in your hands. Staccato’s ergonomics are always excellent. This is due to it’s taking the ergonomics from the iconic 1911 it is based off of. Aggressive stippling from the factory that allows you to lock in that proper grip you need for recoil management.

Shooting Experience

Finally, when shooting these pistol they did nothing but impress. The threaded barrel and the comp allows for these guns to shoot like nail drivers. That is due to comp allowing the gun to shoot flatter to allow for easier follow-up shots and aid in accuracy. These upgrades are added to your Staccato P and C2 will optimize an already well built and accurate shooting handgun. These upgrades put takes your factory Staccato P or C2 and take it to a new level.

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