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Edgar Sherman Design (ESD), is a company known for designing purpose driven accessories for the AR platform. Accessories that are innovative, functional, and feature a meticulous level of detail. The company’s philosophy is, “to enhance a shooter’s capabilities using human-centered design.” Now, ESD is transferring that philosophy to the Glock pistol. It’s first offering to the market will be the ESD Magwell. The new magwell by ESD is set to hit the streets tomorrow!

The new ESD Magwell is being manufactured in partnership with Parker Mountain Machine (PMM). Many will know PMM for their aftermarket barrels and comps for Glock and SIG pistols.

Below, is the product description for the new Edgar Sherman Design Magwell.

ESD Magwell

Product Description

The ESD Magwell enhances your reloading with a purpose-driven flare. Every curve, every angle, every feature on the ESD Magwell is intentional and aligns with our mission to enhance a shooter’s capabilities using human-centered design. Featuring symmetrical side cutouts for stripping magazines, the ESD Magwell allows for easy removal of flush-fitting magazines as well as those that have an extension. Additionally, a third cut-out is located on the front of the ESD Magwell. This third cut-out is especially useful in low light/ no light conditions and serves as a reference point for the shooter and allows them to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about fumbling a magazine during a reload. It can also be used as an additional access point for stripping magazines.

The ESD Magwell allows for a greater margin of error when inserting a magazine and eliminates the potential for parallel surface contact by using a combination of wide angles countered by harsh angles. It will even “course correct” the magazine back on track if it is ever inserted at an off-angle. The angles on the outside of the ESD Magwell flow seamlessly with that of your firearm and create a nice shelf for your hand while simultaneously not creating any hot spots.

The ESD Magwell is proudly manufactured with the help of our good friends at Parker Mountain Machine. We want to support American manufacturing as well as our local community at every opportunity, so for us, this partnership was a no-brainer. For us, It’s important to not only source a quality product but also work with a company we trust to maintain strict quality standards at every step of the manufacturing process. The ESD Magwell is made of high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and includes all the hardware necessary to mount it. The ESD Magwell is currently available for Glock double-stack Gen 5 pistols chambered in 9mm and .40, with support for other handguns coming in the future.

The new ESD Magwell is available tomorrow! The new magwell we retail for $110. To find out more about the ESD Magwell and their other products, click here.

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