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Recently, Cold Steel announced the released of their new Razor Tek fixed blade knives. The new fixed blade knives comes in 4″, 5″, and 6.5″ blade lengths, giving consumers viable options for the knife to be used in edc, hunting, or fieldcraft applications. Each of the new blades will be made out of 4116 stainless steel and come equipped with a Secure-Ex Sheath.

The Razor Tek 4″ and 5″ blades will feature a 3mm thick fine-grain stainless steel blade. The 4″ Razor Tek utilizes a clip point blade shape with no jimping along the length of the spine of the blade until after the sharpened portion ends. Cold Steel says this blade is a great option for edc, bushcraft, or field dressing small game.

Razor Tek 4″

The longer 5″ blade features a different blade style than its 4″ counterpart. This knife features a 3.2mm thick blade. The knife has a recurve blade style instead of a clip point. Some consumers perfer the recurve blade as it gives you the same features of a clip point without the difficulty to sharpen the blade.

Razor Tek 5″

Finally, we have the largest 6.5″ Tek. This blade also features the recurve design of the 5″ Tek but, features a 4.5mm thick configuration. This fixed blade is designed for use in the outdoors and wilderness survival situations. All three knives will feature ergonomically designed GFN (Glass-Filled Nylon). The handles are designed with an aggressive texture which is good for secure grip when hands are slippery or wet.

Razor Tek 6.5″

All three blades are currently available on Cold Steel websites. The 4″ Razor Tek retails for $99.99, the 5″ Tek retails for $129.99, and the 6.5″ Tek comes in at $199.99. To check out the new Razor Tek blades and Cold Steel other products, click here.

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