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By Drew Bryant
August 2nd, 2022,

Correction made on 8/7/22 @0915 am Originally written that B.D.E. suppressor was rated for 9mm. That was incorrect it is rated for cartridges between .22LR & .300 Win Mag

Primary Weapon Systems is a firearm manufacturer based out of Idaho who specializes in piston driven AR-15s. The tagline of the Primary Weapon’s is Evolve. Evolving the industry. Evolving the AR-15 platform. Evolving our expectations. Over the past week Primary Weapons has been teasing that something new was coming to their product lineup. Yesterday, Primary Weapons announced the arrival of their first suppressor—the Bravo Delta Echo (B.D.E.).

The B.D.E. is a modular 3D printed titanium suppressor. The titanium used by Primary Weapons is aerospace grade titanium which is lighter and stronger than traditional titanium. The 3D printed design within the baffle stack allows for gases to be diverted within the baffle structure. In turn reducing back pressure while keeping the dB levels low. The outside of the B.D.E. features a textured design with a high temperature cerakote finish. This helps dissipate heat mirage giving you a clearer line of sight during intense strings of firing.

The B.D.E. is a modular suppressor with a universal 1.375×24 TPI pattern that is compatible with most suppressor mounts. In the release video it appears to be compatible with Dead Air’s KeyMo and Xeno Adapter systems. Primary Weapon doesn’t specify which other suppressor mounts that the B.D.E. are compatible with. The universal thread pitch allows for numerous suppressor mounts. This mounting versatility also allows for the end user to pick the muzzle device of their choosing.

The modularity of B.D.E. suppressor comes into play when adding baffles to the main body of the suppressor. You can add up to four more baffles with will increase the sound reduction of the suppressor. The additional baffles are taper threaded to prevent baffles from loosening and carbon locking of the baffles.

The B.D.E. is capable of suppressing calibers from .22LR up to .300 Win Mag. Giving this suppressor the versatility to be workhorse and to suppress the popular calibers such as: .22LR, 5.56, and 7.62. With that wide range of calibers sound suppression will vary amongst calibers but, will still provide reasonable sound suppression over all calibers. The B.D.E. is also full auto rated and has no barrel restrictions.

The B.D.E. is out now and shopping to select firearm retailers now. The new suppressor from Primary Weapons will retail for $1,099.95. For moe on Primary Weapon’s B.D.E. 3D printed suppressor and their other products, click here.

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