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By Drew Bryant
January 30th, 2023,

All photos are from TFB website

SIG SAUER’s presence wasn’t felt on this year’s Shot Show floor, but the firearms manufacturer did host an exclusive range day for shooters to test various upcoming SIG products. One of the new products unveiled by SIG SAUER was the Romeo M17 red dot sight.

The Romeo M17 is a closed-emitter optic that doesn’t allow water, dirt, or grime to block the optic’s emitter. The new optic mounts directly to SIG’s M17 or M18 pistol. This enables the Romeo to have an extremely low profile, which allows the end user to be able to use the factory iron sights. Inside the optic, it features a multi-reticle design and includes 3-night vision settings, allowing the user to adjust the reticle of their preference and operate at night. Battery life is estimated at a minimum of 20,000 hours consistently at a medium brightness setting.

All photos are from TFB website.

The Romeo M17 is a natural evolution of the Modular Handgun System. Now, the U.S. Army is fielding and testing optics to put on top of the M17 and M18, respectively. SIG hopes their Romeo M17 optic will be paired with the M17 and M18 pistols.

SIG describes the Romeo M17 as rugged and durable after surviving harsh military environments, the U.S. Army’s drop test, and endurance with over 10,000+ rounds of ammunition fired. In the future, SIG said they would be incorporating these features into a future product line of red dot sights. The MSRP for the Romeo M17 has yet to be confirmed, but SIG estimates between $600-$700. It is unclear when it will be available for the commercial market due to SIG’s focus on production for the military.

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