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By Drew Bryant
February 6th, 2023,

Arisaka Defense is known for creating gear and accessories that increase the end user’s quality of life on their firearm. That can be from optic mounts, light mounts, illumination solutions, or AR accessories. Arisaka has recently announced its new Rail Slider System.

The new system is akin to the Swiss ARCA rail integrated into AR-15 and handguards, such as the CMT Tactical’s HDM-A2 and Geissele’s MK18 handguards. The new system was designed to give shooters expanded attachment options for bipods, tripods, spotting scopes, and more.

The Rail Slider System features an M-Lok Picatinny attachment in various sizes. They allow the user to find the right length needed for their needs. From there, the extension can mount to the Rail Slider by Arisaka, enabling you to mount bipods and tripods quickly and effortlessly.

Below are the production descriptions for the Rail Slider and Rail Slider Picatinny Rail.

Product Description

Rail Slider

Make Picatinny Great Again with the Patent Pending Arisaka Rail Slider. It transforms the Picatinny rail on your rifle into a multi-position sliding mount with a push-button recoil lug. A unique detented knob is used to set sliding tension, accounts for out-of-spec rails, allows the mount to be removed or installed without having to slide it off the end of the rail, and can be quickly and easily tightened down for maximum precision.

Praecore Performance Shooting was instrumental in fine-tuning the feature set and functionality of the Rail Slider System.

The Rail Slider features the ARMS 17S pattern for compatibility with popular bipods like the Atlas CAL, MDT Cyke, and Magpul 17S Bipod. It can also be used with Harris swivel bipods by

adding our 17-S Harris Bipod Adapter.

Additionally, we offer several ball head adapters so that the Rail Slider can be used on top of a tripod. In this arrangement, the user can quickly drop a Picatinny railed rifle on top or use our LRF/Spotter Adapter to mount spotting scopes, laser range finders, or any other compatible gear.

Weight: 2.2 oz.

The Rail Slider is CNC machined from stainless steel and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized 6061-T651 aluminum. Includes two 10-32 socket cap screws. Requires a 5/32 Allen wrench for installation (not included). Recommended torque: 30-inch lbs.

Made in the USA.

Rail Slider Picatinny Rail

Make Picatinny Great Again with our precision machined 1913 Picatinny Rails, designed specifically to be used with the Arisaka Rail Slider. These rails feature an anti-rotation QD socket at one end and include standard and short screws to help alleviate any clearance issues around gas blocks or thicker barrel contours.

Please note: The lengths are based on how many full M-Lok slots the rails cover. For example, the current Knights Armament SR25 CC would use the 8 M-Lok slot rail to cover the entire 6 o’clock position on the handguard.

Height: 0.375″

Weight: 3-6 oz.

The rails are CNC machined from 6061-T651 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized. Requires a 5/32 Allen wrench for installation (not included). Recommended torque: 30-inch lbs on metal handguards, 15-inch lbs on polymer handguards.

Made in the USA.

The new Rail Slider System isn’t available on Ariaska’s website, but prices were made public. The Rail Slider will retail for $100. In contrast, the Rail Slider Picatinny Rail will retail from $50-70, depending on the number of M-Lok slots you choose for the length of the Picatinny. For more on Arisaka Defense Rail Slider System and other products, click here.

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