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By Drew Bryant
February 16th, 2023,

A few weeks back, the ATF submitted the pistol brace ruling to Federal Registry. In that ruling, the ATF decided that firearms with pistol braces are now viewed as SBRs and fall under the jurisdiction of the NFA. With that ruling, pistol brace owners have been seeking ways to keep their legally owned AKs without registering them. Rifle Dynamics offers pistol-to-rifle conversions with an extra 20% off select parts needed for the conversion.

Rifle Dynamics offers 1913 trunion conversions or barrel length swaps for customers interested in the service. All the conversion work will be done in-house by Rifle Dynamics gunsmiths.

Below is the press release from Rifle Dynamics on offering pistol-to-rifle conversions to their customers.

Press Release

Due to overwhelming customer demand, we offer a pistol to title 1 rifle conversion. The heavy-handed policies of the ATF have put our customers in a tight situation, with some not wanting to deal with the NFA or being unable to have an NFA item in their state. We are offering more services as well, but due to urgency, we are offering this service first. Please join organizations like Gun Owners of America and Firearms Policy Coalition to reign in this current administration and the BATF.

Convert your Rifle Dynamics 700 series rifle or pistol’s fixed tang rear trunnion to our new 1913/Picatinny rear trunnion for the highest level of modularity for stocks, folding mounts, and sling mounts.

Starting at $260

This service will replace the 11.5″ or 12.5″ barrel with a brand new and head-spaced 14.5″ barrel with a pinned & welded muzzle device for an overall barrel length of 16.1″. You also have the option to have new parts installed while we swap the barrel, such as muzzle devices, adding our 1913 Rear Trunnion, installation of the Texas Weapons Systems Gen 3 Dog Leg Rail, and more.

Starting at $770

This offer only applies to AKs that we’re built by Rifle Dynamics. For more information on RD’s rifle-to-pistol conversion, click here.

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