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By Drew Bryant
February 17th, 2023,

At Shot Show 2023, Primary Arms unveiled SLx MD-25 with the ACSS reticle. Now, the new red dot is ready for prime time and to provide consumers with an affordable red dot option. The SLx MD-25 Gen II features a 12,000-hour battery life, auto live technology, and 12 illumination settings. The red dot also includes risers and spacers for the end users to find the perfect optic height.

Below are the product description and features for the Primary Arms SLx MD-25 with ACSS CQB reticle.

Product Description

This Primary Arms red dot sight is part of the SLx optics line. SLx optics built its reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field testing during development to best serve you in any environment.

The Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Gen 2 Microdot with ACSS CQB reticle now comes with AutoLive, improving the functionality of an already amazing red dot sight. Stretch that already insanely long battery life even further and remove that fear of picking up your rifle and the dot not being there. With this red dot sight, the moment you pick up your rifle, the dot will turn on and be ready precisely when you need it. After sitting motionless for a brief period of time, the red dot will shut off and conserve battery. Still featuring the same lightweight and durable design with a field of view that rivals larger 30mm red dots, the MD-25 Gen 2 is a no-brainer upgrade to add to your collection.

The ACSS CQB reticle features three BDC dots underneath the chevron, allowing an unprecedented 600 yards of bullet drop compensation for 7.62 NATO or 5.56 NATO calibers in a compact red dot sight. Auto-ranging and wind leads are also incorporated into this smart reticle. A CQB horseshoe grabs the eye instantly for close-quarters shooting and also approximates the spread pattern of 00 buckshot at 25 yards. The reticle for this sight is a central chevron centered in a 65 MOA circle with four positioning points.

The Gen 2 SLx 25mm Red Dot has been equipped with the next-generation ruggedized mounting system. Everything about these mounts has been upgraded from materials and finish to the design in order to create a mount that will not just clamp securely to your rail, but stand up the rigors of real-world use. Integrated recoil lugs help lock your mount in place against the heaviest recoil while large-diameter cross bolts give you significantly improved clamping power and will hold up to significant torque. The included riser is the perfect height for AR-15s and AR-10s, but can be easily removed to for installation on AKs, shotguns, and more.

The SLx 25mm Gen 2 red dot includes the low base, a standard riser, and two different height spacers, as well as appropriate mounting hardware. With just the low base, a central height of 0.96” can be achieved. Add the standard riser for 1.41”. With the riser and thin spacer, your central height will be 1.54”. Using the thick spacer will place the optic at 1.64” height. With these options you can easily configure your optic to perfectly match your firearm and shooting style.


• AutoLive functionality

• Wide field of view

• Compact, lightweight, and durable

• ACSS CQB reticle

• Up to 12,000 hour battery life at medium setting

• Uses one CR2032 battery (included)

• Next generation ruggedized mounting system

• Includes risers and spacers for mounting to 0.96”, 1.41”, 1.54”, or 1.64” central height

• Compatible with standard micro mounts

• Fully multi-coated anti-reflective lenses

• 12 Illumination settings for bright days and night vision compatible

• Just 3″ long and 6.5 Oz.

• Fog resistant

The new Primary Arms SLx MD-25 ACSS CQB Reticle retails for $199 MSRP on their website. For more on Primary Arms optics, click here.

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