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By Drew Bryant
February 20th, 2023,

Henry Rifles’ iconic and timeless lever action helped tame the Wild West. Now, the legendary manufacturer is offering a new carbine with the versatility to handle the wild that still exists. Henry is proud to introduce the Homesteader 9mm carbine. The Homesteader is ideal for protecting your home, property, and livestock from pesky varmints. The new Homesteader features interchangeable magazine wells, a threaded blue steel barrel, and a five and 10 round magazine.

Below, are the press release and features for the Henry Homesteader 9mm Carbine.

Press Release

With the brawn of a workhorse and the beauty of a show pony, the Homesteader delivers versatility like few other firearms can, effortlessly going from bedside protector to varmint patrolling ranch hand and back again at the end of the day. Don’t let all that work trick you into thinking it’s all business all the time though, because a trip to the range for some casual plinking will prove that the Homesteader also knows how to have fun.

A good tool is one you can depend on to work for you whenever and wherever you need it, so the Homesteader’s semi-automatic blowback action is as simple as it gets relying solely on the expanding gases of the cartridge to cycle the bolt. When the magazine runs dry, the bolt locks back, providing a visual and tactile indication that it’s time to reload. The fact that it’s chambered in America’s most popular caliber with plentiful options ranging from affordable bulk training and plinking ammunition to high-end, technologically advanced defense rounds ensures that you will never be left high and dry with no powder to burn and lead to sling.

The Homesteader is available as three different models to cater to your 9mm magazine preferences right out of the box thanks to its interchangeable magazine well, providing compatibility for Glock®, SIG Sauer®, and Smith & Wesson® M&P® magazines. No matter which version you choose, a Henry 5-round and 10-round magazine are included in every box to get you up and running.

Intuitive, quick target acquisition is achieved with an adjustable full aperture rear sight and screw-on front post sight. The longer sight radius (when compared to a handgun) is far more accurate at distance and forgiving of mistakes. For those that prefer illuminated or magnified optics, the receiver is drilled and tapped for a Weaver 63B base. In close quarters, the Homesteader is highly maneuverable, weighing just 6.6 pounds and under 36” in overall length. Perceived recoil is counteracted with a reciprocating mass inside the forearm, getting you back on target faster from shot to shot and inspiring confidence for the recoil sensitive. For even greater control, leather-like texturing on the genuine American walnut stocks and a soft rubber recoil pad provide non-slip contact points.

Thoughtful and accessible controls abound with a bolt hold open lever that can be pressed from the right or left side of the carbine, a top-mounted thumb safety switch, a centrally located bottom-mounted magazine release toggle, and a bolt charging handle that can be quickly and securely mounted on the right or left side of the bolt.

Daily wear and tear are inevitable for a hardworking carbine like the Homesteader, and the finishes need to hold up. A blued steel barrel, hard anodized aluminum receiver, and sealed American walnut deliver durability in spades. The 1/2×28 threaded barrel supports suppressor use right out of the box to keep the neighbors (and your ears) happy.

For home defense, walking the fence line to protect your livestock, in the truck, at the range, or slung across your back on a deep woods excursion, the Homesteader is ready to deliver on all fronts.


• Interchangeable magazine wells for Henry, Glock®, SIG Sauer®, and Smith & Wesson® M&P® magazines

• A 5-round and 10-round Henry 9mm magazine included in every box

• Genuine American walnut furniture with non-slip leather-like texturing and preinstalled sling swivel studs

• Fast and intuitive full aperture rear sight with screw-on post front sight

• Drilled and tapped hard anodized lightweight aluminum receiver

• 1/2×28 threaded blued steel barrel

• Configurable bolt charging handle

• Top-mounted thumb safety switch

• Center-mounted magazine release and bolt hold open toggles

The new Henry Homesteader 9mm is available now on their website and at local retailers. The Homesteader will retail between $928 and $959 MSRP, depending on which magwell you choose. The Henry magwell retails at $928. While the Glock, Sig/M&P magwells will retail at $959. For more on Henry’s Homesteader and their other firearms, click here.

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