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By Drew Bryant
February 21st, 2023,

Bobro Engineering has recently released a new offset red dot mount called the A-BOM for the Trijicon RMR. A-BOM stands for Adjustable Bore axis Mount. The design of A-BOM allows the end user to adjust the red dot angle to align its axis with the bore axis of your rifle. These adjustments are possible due to the center link between the Picatinny rail and the red dot mount. The A-BOM mount can be converted to a traditional red dot mount.

Below is the product description for the Bobro Engineering A-BOM.

Product Description

A-BOM (Adjustable BOre axis Mount)

The Bobro Engineering A-BOM is an adjustable system designed so that an electro-optical device can be centered over the bore axis of the host weapon. Once configured, the A-BOM is a semi-permanent interface and is built to withstand both impact and pressure. 

Most offset mounts do not account for the bore axis of the host weapon and severely limit the capabilities of sight utilization. If the sight is not set on the bore axis, the user is limited to a set zero distance. Any deviation from this point of aim/impact will introduce left and right corrections along with a simple elevation change. The A-BOM, once set, only introduces elevation changes to account for and follows the function of the primary optic. For example, the A-BOM can be zeroed for 10 meters but be utilized accurately at hundreds of meters. Only intuitive elevation changes are made. 

The A-BOM uses the proven Bobro Engineering “counter rotating fastener” method to secure the center link of the mount. By removing the center link, the A-BOM can be configured in a “straight up” position and can be used in a conventional manner. 

The A-BOM mount is available now on Bobro Engineering’s website. The A-BOM retails for $240. For more on the A-BOM and other products from Bobro Engineering, click here.

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