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By Drew Bryant
July 16th 2023,

Burris Optics is known for making high-quality scopes for hunting and precision shooting. Over the last few years, Burris has been pushing the limits of the technology housed within their optics. Recently, Burris Optics released the new Veracity 4-20x50mm riflescope with an internal HUD and a new programmable Elevation Knob system. The HUD within the Veracity displays information such as distance, rifle cant, angle, and holdover information.

Below are the product description and key features of the new Veracity PH from Burris Optics.

Product Description

Years of development and pushing the limits of what is possible in a rifle optic has led up to this moment. Introducing the VeracityPH from Burris, the perfect combination of reliability, quality, and technology delivering the fastest and most precise aiming solution in a hunting optic, ever. Dial to distance with confidence and let Burris do the math.

Featuring the new Burris PĒK (Programmable Elevation Knob) System the Veracity PH takes speed and precision to the highest level.

Designed for serious big game and varmint hunters.

Burris Connect

The Veracity PH pairs with the new-and-improved BurrisConnect  app to create and upload custom ballistic profiles. The BurrisConnect app allows hunters to create rifle profiles and input environmental factors for their hunt. The app uses custom ballistic calculators to help hunters precisely dial their turrets for an accurate shot.

With the Veracity PH and the BurrisConnect app, Burris does the math for you so you can dial to distance faster than ever.


Burris PĒK (Programmable Elevation Knob) system provides ultimate dialing precision. After entering information into the app, hunters can easily use the PĒK system to dial in elevation. This system combines a digital sensor with a clickless mechanical elevation turret for ultimate accuracy down to 1/10 MOA. Using the ballistics calculator from the app with digital elevation turrets, the Veracity PH’s PĒK system makes dialing to distance easier than ever with peak speed, precision and performance.


In addition to the Veracity PH’s exceptional precision and ease of use, it also offers hunters an informative heads-up display. By pairing with the BurrisConnect app via Bluetooth®, the Veracity PH shows all the information hunters need in one clean sight picture. The display shows elevation turret position in yards, meters or MOA, as well as rifle cant, rifle angle, distance-accurate wind holdover and battery level.

By providing this information in one clear view, hunters don’t have to pull away from the scope to find the information they need. No more questioning if you have the right information — it’s all right there in one picture.

The new Veracity PH by Burris is the next evolution in what a scope can provide to the end user. The Burris Connect, PEK, and HUD display adds invaluable information at the end user’s fingertips. The Veracity is available now for purchase on Burris’s website. The new technology based Veracity PH retails for $1,199 MSRP. For more on the Veracity PH and other Burris optics, click here.

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