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By Drew Bryant
July 16th 2023,

Over the last couple of years, Magpul has expanded outside of its regular market of magazines, firearm accessories, and components. They have slowly branched out and introduced gear, apparel, and cases. Magpul is proud to present its new Defiant series of eyewear. Defiant eyewear is designed to deliver functionality, adaptability, and ballistic protection with maximum coverage and visibility. The Defiant has a unique interface that allows for easy transition between lenses depending on the light conditions that a shooter might face.

Below is the detailed product description from Magpul on their new Defiant series of eyewear.

Product Description

We’ve been developing innovative products for firearms enthusiasts and the professional users for more than 20 years. Our eyewear merges that same innovation with style and advanced features. Our latest model, the Defiant, is designed to deliver functional, adaptable, ballistic eye protection along with maximum coverage and visibility. When your environment or location changes, the Defiant has a unique lens replacement capability so you can transition to the coverage and color you need.

The Defiant excels at providing extreme impact protection without sacrificing comfort. It gives you Z87+ ballistic protection and has been tested to MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic standards. Its lens shape accommodates both large and medium faces without sacrificing peripheral vision or protection coverage. The unique lens and frame interface enhances the lens’ ability to flex when worn, optimizing user fit, and its 7-base curvature is purpose-built for optimal clarity and light transmission. Critical touch points such as the rubber overmolded temple pads and the soft rubber nose pads keep the Defiant comfortable and in place, even when you’re covered in perspiration or on the move. The Defiant’s temples are specifically designed to eliminate pressure points while wearing over-the-ear hearing protection and integrate seamlessly with helmets or headwear.

With its easy-to-use quick-release lever system, switching between the three unique Defiant Replacement Lenses is quick and simple, meaning you have different polarization, color, and light transmittance options available at any time.

Comes with a black large DAKA Can storage case and a Magpul Lens Bag made with lens-safe cleaning material.

Magpul’s Defiant series of eyewear is available now on their website. The new glasses retail at $139.00 and will offer different lens tints as well. For more on the Defiant series of eye protection from Magpul, click here.

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