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By Drew Bryant
November 1st, 2023,

Photo taken from ESD Instagram Account

Edgar Sherman Design (ESD) is introducing the innovative Topo Grip texture for their Granite Grip, a product that has garnered recognition for its exceptional craftsmanship. This new Topo Grip draws inspiration from the intricate patterns found on topographical maps, often used for surveying and land navigation.

ESD, a distinguished name in firearm accessories, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. With a history of successful products such as the ESD Magwell and Enhanced Foregrip (EFG), ESD has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of conventional design and actively seeking input from end-users.

The latest offering in ESD’s impressive lineup is the Granite Grip, custom-designed for the AR platform. What sets this pistol grip apart is its distinctive approach to firearm ergonomics. ESD has redefined the grip angle of the Granite to 13.1 degrees, deviating from the standard milspec grip. This adjustment not only caters to everyday shooting needs but also elevates precision shooting techniques, making it a versatile choice for firearm enthusiasts.

In the development of the Granite Grip, ESD showcased their commitment to innovative thinking. Employing cutting-edge production techniques, they achieved a unique taper profile that ensures superior comfort and control. The flat front and chamfered edges have been thoughtfully designed to help shooters establish consistency and confidence in their shooting endeavors.

Moreover, the Granite Grip now offers a dual-texture feature to suit various preferences and shooting conditions. The “Fine” texture provides a moderately grippy surface, ideal for general use, while the “Coarse” texture offers an aggressive grip that excels when wearing gloves or in challenging weather conditions.

The Topo Granite Grip is priced at an attractive $49.99 MSRP, making it an accessible addition for firearm enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance.

With the introduction of the Topo Grip, ESD continues to lead the way in firearm accessory innovation. Its distinctive design, ergonomic enhancements, and adaptability to a range of shooting scenarios make it an essential addition for firearm enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for its availability, as this product is certain to be in high demand among avid shooters.

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