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By Drew Bryant
October 17th, 2023,

Primary Arms(PA) is one of the biggest online retailers of firearms, parts, and accessories. The blossoming and booming company has also built an successful line of red dots, riflescopes, and optics. Son of Liberty Gunworks(SOLGW) is known for building a well-built, rugged, and reliable rifle for today’s shooters. The two companies have joined forces for an exclusive Primary Arms build. The new exclusive brings some old, some new, and some who will consider it an egregious crime against the M-16 platform. Primary Arms and SOLGW are proud to announce the M-16 A5.

The new M-16 A5 will be looked upon as the bastard and unwanted child of the M-16 platform. The makeup of the A5 is simple: keep the 20”barrel with A-post, remove the fix stock and replacing it with a collapsible buttstock. Giving the users the capability to reduce the size of the M-16 while maintaining the terminal ballistics that are afforded to a 20” barrel shooting 5.56.

The A5 was never officially adopted by the U.S. military. Yet, variants of a collapsible buttstock M-16 was used in limited circumstances for the military. Now, SOLGW and Primary Arms is giving you the ability to own your own M-16 A5.

Below are the product description and features for the SOLGW M-16 A5 rifle.

Product Description

The Sons of Liberty Gun Works M16-A5 5.56 NATO Rifle with Expo Arms Quad Rail is a unique take on the classic M16-A4 platform. This Primary Arms exclusive rifle features a 20″ barrel, rifle-length gas system, Expo Arms quad rail handguard, and A5 buffer system. This combination of components provides a smooth and reliable shooting experience with excellent accuracy.

This rifle also features a number of other high-quality components, including a USGI charging handle, trigger guard, grip, selector, and stock, as well as the SOLGW Liberty Fighting Trigger and SOLGW Bolt Carrier Group.


• 20” 4150 CMV barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO

• Government profile barrel, 1:7 twist rate, Nitride lined and coated

• A2 flash hider, 1/2×28 muzzle threads

• Rifle length gas system

• Pinned Front Sight Base

• Midwest Industries Folding Combat Rear Sight

• EXPO quad rail handguard

• 7075-T6 aluminum Cerra forged receivers

• SOLGW Rebellious Stripes lower receiver

• Type III Class 2 hardcoat anodized black

• USGI charging handle

• Liberty Fighting Nickel Teflon trigger

• A5 buffer system

• USGI stock and pistol grip

• T-Marked upper

• Dry film lubed upper receiver and receiver extension

If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate rifle with a classic look and feel, the Sons of Liberty Gun Works M16-A5 5.56 NATO Rifle with Expo Arms Rail is the perfect choice for you.

The new M-16 A5 is available now on Primary Arms website and retails for $1,249. For more on the new M-16 A5 and other products on PA’s website, click here.

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