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By Drew Bryant
August 19th, 2023,

Unity Tactical, a trailblazer in optic mounts manufacturing, continues to set industry standards with its renowned FAST risers. Known for their precision and quality, Unity Tactical’s FAST risers have become a benchmark for optic mount excellence. Catering to popular brands like Aimpoint, EOTech, and various LPVOs, Unity Tactical has recently unveiled an exciting addition to their lineup – the FAST riser for the Primary Arms MicroPrism series of optics.

The Primary Arms MicroPrism series, encompassing 1x, 3x, and 5x options, has garnered attention for its optical prowess and versatile applications. While risers for PAs prism series optics already exist, Unity Tactical distinguishes itself by providing FAST risers at the unparalleled centerline height of 2.26”. This innovative height adjustment enables users to adopt a more natural and head-up shooting position, enhancing overall shooting comfort and accuracy.

A critical factor differentiating the Unity Tactical FAST riser for the Primary Arms MicroPrism series optics is carefully considering user ergonomics. The 2.26” centerline height ensures that shooters experience improved target acquisition and a heightened sense of control during aiming. This ergonomic advantage creates a seamless shooting experience, especially during rapid engagements and extended shooting sessions.

The eagerly anticipated FAST riser for the Primary Arms MicroPrism series is now available on Unity Tactical’s official website and Primary Arms’ online platform. Customers can choose between classic Black or FDE color options to seamlessly integrate the riser with their preferred optics setup. The pricing structure also offers flexibility, with the FAST riser retailing at $186 on Unity Tactical’s site and a discounted rate of $169 on Primary Arms’ site. This price point makes the Unity Tactical FAST riser an attractive and accessible enhancement for shooters seeking to optimize their Primary Arms MicroPrism optics.

Unity Tactical’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design shines through with the introduction of the FAST riser for the Primary Arms MicroPrism optics series. By offering a centerline height of 2.26”, Unity Tactical empowers shooters with a more intuitive shooting stance and heightened accuracy. As shooting enthusiasts explore the benefits of this new offering, it’s evident that Unity Tactical continues to lead the way in revolutionizing the optic mounts industry.

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