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By Drew Bryant
April 3rd, 2023,

Warner & Swasey have a long legacy within the firearms industry. The company produced the scope for the iconic M1903 Springfield that saw use in both World Wars. Geissele Automatics brings back the Warner & Swasey name and introduces a new optic with the RDSMicro MOA3. The new red dot features a 3-MOA red dot, shake awake, 20,000-hour battery life, and integrated backup sights.

Below are the product description and features for the RDSMicro MOA3.

Product Description

Warner & Swasey® brings affordable top tier durability and precision together in this enclosed, motion activated red dot sight with integrated back up iron sights. The RDSMicro MOA3 is the ultimate value packed compact red dot optic that is perfect for competitive and casual shooters alike. The RDSMicro MOA3 has a 7075-T6 Aluminum Body and is Shockproof & Waterproof. With its 3 MOA dot size and 10 levels of brightness (2 NV, 8 Daytime) it will perform well in any environmental light conditions.

Battery life is capable of 20,000 hours (over 2 years) of constant operation with one CR2032 battery on brightness setting 6.  The battery can be quickly changed without removing the optic, adding convenience and eliminating any need to re-zero afterwards.  The battery life is extended further through an auto off function where after 225 seconds of inactivity the optic will place itself in a low power state.  Rapid powering on is activated as soon as the sight is shaken, bumped, or moved and brightness settings last used will always be saved even when manually powered off.

This extremely versatile optic is purpose built to excel at fast target acquisition while allowing the user to keep their attention on the full field of view in front of them. In an event that the primary viewing window becomes temporarily unusable (such as being covered in mud), the integrated iron sights are there to keep you on target.

The mounting interface is proprietary to the W&S RDS Micro MOA3 and is not compatible with any other red dot sight mount.  The optic includes a 1.54” height Picatinny rail mount.


• Inactivity auto power off to save battery life

• 225 seconds (3.75 minutes) of inactivity the red dot will turn off placing it in a low power state

• Motion sensitive rapid power on

• Rapid power is activated as soon as the sight is shaken, bumped, or moved

• Brightness Adjustment Setting memory

• Settings last used will always be saved even when powered off

• Fast sharp 3 MOA dot size

• 10 Levels of Brightness (2 NV, 8 Daytime)

• Multi-Coated Glass Lens

• 7075-T6 Aluminum Body

• Shockproof & Waterproof

• Battery life of 20,000 hours (over 2 years) constant operation on setting 6

• Fully Integrated back up Iron sights built into the optic body

• Fully enclosed housing protects electronic components from all elements

The new RDSMicro is available now on Geissele’s website. The new enclosed red dot will retail at $125 MSRP. For more on Geissele’s new red dot, firearms, and accessories, click here.

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