The New RK-62 M2 in the wild. Rocking the optical mount w/red dot, M-Lok handguards, and new flash suppressor.
The New RK-62 M2 in the wild. Rocking the optical mount w/red dot, M-Lok handguards, and new flash suppressor.

The Finnish army released photos of the modernized RK-62M into the wild. The modernization of the RK-62 was initiated back in 2015 by the Finnish army. The RK-62M design focus was increased ergonomics, functionality, and a modular weapons platform compared to its predecessor the RK-62. The Finnish military wanted to modernize the RK-62 and give a better end user experience for its military troops.

Back in 1962, Finland adopted the Valmet RK-62 as the army’s primary rifle platform. The RK-62 is based off the polish license of the AK-47. In 1965 Finnish military officially adopted the RK-62 as its primary rifle platform. From 1965 into the early 1990s over 300,000 RK-62’s were produced for it’s military.

The New RK62M

The new RK-62M features a telescopic buttstock, enhanced selector switch, an optical sight mount, tactical sling, and polymer furniture for all variants. The new RK-62M comes in at a weight of about 9 lbs and overall length of 37.5 inches (When buttstock is fully extended).

Finnish Solider with RK-62 M1

The M1 will come with a telescopic buttstock, enhanced selector switch, optical sight mount, and polymer furniture. The M1 variant will primarily be equipped by frontline troops of the Finnish military.

The top photo is a RK-62 M2 and the bottom photo is a RK-62 M3.

The M2 and M3 variants will have the same buttstock, selector, and optical sight mount as the M1. In addition the M2 and M3 will have new M-Lok hand guards for attachments at 3, 6, 9 positions for weapon accessories and a flash suppressor. In addition a breaching muzzle break device can be attached to the new muzzle break. The only difference between the M2 and M3 variants is that the M3 variant will have an experimental OD Green finish.

The modernization of the RK-62 will extend the service life of the rifle into the 2030s. The projected cost of the modernization of the RK-62 will cost about 14.1million dollars or 12.6 million euros. It is unknown how many of the 300,000+ RK-62 will be upgraded. Over 20,000 rifles would be needed to be upgraded to equip all active duty soldiers.



Telescopic adjusting stock (shoulder rest)

Enhanced selector switch 

Optical sight mount

New tactical sling


Optimised version for combat in built-up areas

Telescopic adjusting stock (shoulder rest)

Enhanced selector switch

Optical sight mount

 M-Lok handguards for mounting accessories at 3,6,9 positions 

Flash hider that allows for mounting a breach muzzle brake and a suppressor

New tactical sling


As above in version M2

Testing coating in green

Equipped with a silencer and a breach muzzle brake

Common technical specifications:

Gas-operated, rotating-bolt firearm capable of semi-automatic or full-automatic fire

Iron sights for day-vision use

Mounts for accessories such as an optical sight, a light amplifier, an image intensifier, and a tactical light

Round: 7.62 x 39 mm

Length: stock fully extended 95cm, stock short 86.5 cm

Weight: without magazine inserted 9 lbs

Rate of fire, semi-automatic: from 20 to 30 aimed shots per minute

Rate of fire, full-automatic: theoretical 700 rds/min, including magazine changes 120–180 rds/min

Bullet muzzle velocity: 715 m/s

Effective firing range: up to 300 m

Country of Manufacture: Finland, Sako/Valmet

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