Good morning, everyone. I hope everyone has had a good and productive week. There has been a lot going on in the world and firearms industry in general.

Big News of the Week

Last weekend was NRA Annual Meeting where we received some news on new products hitting the market from LWRC, EO Tech, Trijicon, and many more companies. All in all, from what I was able to read about on websites and watch on social media platforms it was a good NRA Annual Meeting. From the NRAAM came a lot of stuff I would like to cover. Now, I just have to figure out what I will cover.

The big event in News that captivated the mid-week news cycle was the deteriorating situation in Venezuela. The battle between Maduro’s government and Guaidó’s claims to the Venezuela’s presidency. Guaidó’s has the support of the major players in the international community supporting his legitimacy as President.

What is important is that the Venezuelan people have a President that they support and who legitimately won. The will of the people is priority not the will of the powerful. This is a time where the people must fight to change their history and those who govern for a better Venezuela. I wish for freedom and democracy for the Venezuelan people above all else.

This is a developing story that will evolve in the days and weeks ahead. This will be a situation I will be keeping an eye on.

All in all, this has been an eventual week in the firearms industry and internationally.

Coming Soon

Changing gears I also wanted to give you the low down on what to look forward to in the upcoming week for the O.C.

Coming to the O.C. is an update on my next rifle build. I have started buying some products for the build so it is all coming together. It will be a progress report and a gallery to go along with it. If you have forgotten I am building an 10.5 inch AR pistol.

Next, I am going to be doing a piece about EO Tech’s Vudu line of rifle scopes. I read up on the models they have to offer and a rundown of their potential applications for shooters. Hopefully, I can get my hand on a review model if that is possible EO Tech. Just throwing that out there into the wind hopefully something hits.

Finally, I was going to do a detailed intelligence brief of the Sri Lanka Bombings. It has been about two weeks since the bombings. News has being to slow. Now, is a good time to do a detailed intelligence brief on the subject.

Thanks For Reading

Alright everyone that is what is coming soon on the O.C. Thanks for reading The Rundown. If you enjoyed this post hit, that subscribe button, and tag a friend. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or comments, feel free to drop a comment below. Be Humble. Be Savage. Have a great day.

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