In Tacoma, Washington the Tacoma City Council are looking to enact a new tax on both firearms and ammunition according to The News Tribune. The vote for the new tax was initially set for October 29th but was delayed. The City Council will now vote on November 12th meeting to approve the firearm and ammunition tax. 

The new tax would impose a $25 tax on every firearm sold through a dealer in the city of Tacoma. On ammunition it would levy a $0.02 cent tax per round on rounds measuring .22 caliber or smaller and a $0.05 cent tax per round on larger caliber rounds. 

That means you are paying an extra $1 on a box of 50 rounds for .22 ammunition, and you are paying an extra $2.50 for larger caliber rounds. Which means ammunition could get really pricey very quickly under this new tax. 

Tacoma based Aero Precision released a statement on Facebook regarding their opposition to the proposed tax. 

Below is the Facebook Post from Aero Precision.

 Well friends, today, the Tacoma City Council will convene to place their votes regarding the “Ammo and Firearms Tax” ordinance (ORD28624). This tax, if enacted, would require 25 dollars to be collected on the sale of all firearms and a .02 to .05 cent tax on the sale of all ammunition within city limits. The proposed ordinance will dramatically impact most, if not all gun shops within the city limits, potentially putting them out of business. With no shops conducting business, there will be no revenue to fund the suggested gun violence programs that have yet to be defined. Aero Precision stands firm against any amendments to this ordinance on our behalf and will stand alongside its valued dealers against this unnecessary tax that the Tacoma City Council has openly admitted will do nothing.

We ask that you join us during the City Council meeting tonight and exercise your 1st Amendment right to protect the 2nd Amendment. Before anyone tells us to pick up and move, a real possibility, we have called Tacoma home for the last 25 years. We believe the right thing to do is fight these measures as long as possible in an attempt to impede the spread of similar measures elsewhere. Aero Precision employees will be in attendance during the comment period sharing our opinions, and we hope to see you there alongside us.

The Tacoma City Council meeting will be held at 5:00 pm in the Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market Street, First Floor, Tacoma WA. Please arrive early so that you can register to share your comments and concerns.

City Council Ryan Mello spoke to The News Tribune about the vote being postponed at the last minute. When speaking to The News Tribune he states, “I’ve known there were further amendments that some members wanted to offer and sometimes this happens on high-profile issues that get a lot of scrutiny, sometimes they get postponed the last minute — it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.” 

Council member Mello, also told The News Tribune in further statements he felt the delay was necessary to “keep the gang together.” 

The new vote for the firearms takes place November 12th. It is your right to make sure your city council members, representatives, and senator protect your Second Amendment rights. If not it is your right to hold them accountable. Be proactive and tell Tacoma City Council how Tacoma citizens rights are being infringed upon. 

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