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The FBI processed the second-highest number of NICS checks in a single day. On Black Friday this year the FBI processed 202,465 NICS background checks. For comparison on Black Friday 2018 the FBI conducted only 182,093 NICS checks. This year the FBI processed over 20,000 more NICS checks compared to last year. Which is an 11% increase over the pervious year. The total was only 630 below the all time single day record set back in 2017. 

The agency’s NICS checks typically include permit checks and re-checks. What is hard to calculate is the number of new gun sales from those Black Friday checks. We can hypothesis that new firearm sales are going to be higher because the administrative use of the system would be small after Thanksgiving. 

Firearm sales are also potentially higher because of streamlining built into the NICS system. When a person purchases multiple firearms in the same financial transaction the FBI only requires one background check.  In addition if you have a concealed permit that is current and valid you can forego the NICS check. This ability is available in some regions throughout the U.S. 

Black Friday is usually the biggest shopping day of the year and that is no different within the firearms industry. Once updated, Black Friday will hold 7 of the top-10 spots on the FBI’s list for heaviest single day use of the NICS background checks. 

Firearm sales have increased steadily since August of this year. Back in October, the FBI processed more than 2.3 million NICS checks beating pervious all time record for October. That number is combination of re-checks and new firearm sales. Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (SAAF) estimated sales where up 10% from last year. This is after adjusting for administrative use of the NICS system and processing of conceal carry permits. 

Black Friday 2019 was booming for consumers and the firearm industry. We will have to wait and see if that leads to strong sales for November and December. 

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