Back in April Wilson Combat released their first collaboration between Wilson Combat and Sig Sauer with the Wilson Combat P320. The WCP320 took Wilson’s signature design elements and parts and infused it into the P320 platform. On Tuesday, Wilson Combat published a press release introducing the new Wilson Combat P320 Carry to their P320 lineup.

The new WCP320 Carry will feature a shorter slide and match grade barrel coming at 3.9” vs 4.7” from the full size model. Wilson is utilizing the new Wilson Combat Carry Grip Module (Carry II Module). This new grip module has the length of the original Wilson Combat Grip module but has a shorter dust cover and one less accessory rail (3 vs 4). So, it has a G19x vibe to it. The new grip module features a flared magazine well, reshaped trigger well, a undercut front strap, and Wilson Combat’s Starbrust stippling. The new grip carry module is also available in black or tan.

The WCP320 Carry comes standard with the Sig Sauer X-Series Flat Face Trigger. If you want to take it to the next level Grey Guns offers an action tuned custom trigger kit.

The WCP320 Carry will feature Wilson’s X-Tac pattern slide serrations on the top and sides of the slide. The slides of the WCP320 Carry will have Wilson’s Combat sights with a red fiber optic front sight. Both the slide and the barrel will be finished in a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) finish.

The WCP320 carry are only available in 9mm and comes with two 17-round magazines.

The new Wilson Combat P320 Carey retails at $1,195 MSRP for the base model. The Grey Guns action tuned models retails at $1,350.

Below is the product description, specs, and features from Wilson Combat on their new WCP320 Carry.

Product Description

Wilson Combat gunsmiths and engineers have completely reworked a SIG SAUER P320 chassis and unfinished SIG manufactured compact slide into a “Professional” size, full-size grip with 3-slot accessory rail for a portable, yet full-capacity 9mm handgun.

Using the all-new Wilson Combat SIG P320 Carry grip module, our in-house re-machined slide and Wilson Combat performance battle sights, the Wilson Combat Optimized WCP320 Carry will become a favorite of those who want a smaller than full-size striker-fired handgun that is perfect for defensive use and concealed carry.

This robust, fast handling pistol wears our Wilson Combat engineered polymer Carry-2 grip module with 3-slot rail. This newly designed and manufactured grip has enhanced traction, smoother reloading, improved pointablity and superb recoil control in dynamic shooting. This grip turns an already solid platform into an ergonomic shooting machine.

The WCP320 Carry’s compact slide has been machined with the Wilson Combat X-TAC pattern for improved manipulation under stress. The front and rear cocking serrations, as well as the slide top, wear this signature Wilson Combat pattern.

The stainless steel slide and chromoly barrel wear the most advanced black DLC (Diamond-like-Carbon) physical vapor deposition finish available. This finish has chromium and tungsten underlayers for long-lasting corrosion and abrasion resistance.

The SIG SAUER flat-faced XFULL trigger is standard on the WCP320 and gives shooters a lower finger position on the trigger which increases leverage for a lighter, smoother trigger pull.

The pull can be further enhanced by Wilson Combat gunsmiths with our optional action tune using Grayguns custom trigger parts.


• Available Calibers: 9mm
• Magazine Capacity: 17 rounds
• Barrel Length: 3.9”
• Overall Length: 7.5”
• Sight Radius: 5.75”
• Height: 5.5”
• Width: 1.5”
• Weight Empty: 26.8 oz
• Weight Loaded: 34.2 oz


• Wilson Combat P320 Carry II Module
• Wilson Combat X-TAC P320 Carry Slide with Machine Bevels
• Black DLC Finish on Slide and Barrel
• X-TAC Pattern Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
• X-TAC Pattern on Slide Top
Carry Cut
• Wilson Combat Logo on Slide
• Wilson Combat Battlesight with Red Fiber Optic Front Sight
• SIG factory magazine release
• SIG factory Slide Stop
• SIG P320 X-Full Size Steel trigger
• 2 17rd X-Series Magazines
• 9mm caliber only

What do you think about the new WCP320 Carry? Do you think it’s worth the money? Let us know in the comments below.

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