On this day nineteen years ago the American landscape changed forever. In the blink of an eye the peace and safety that we felt here in American was shaken and destroyed. In an instant, we were changed. Monuments of our prosperity attacked. Institutions of this great nation under siege by terrorism, death, and destruction. The day of September 11th will live in infamy to this generation of Americans that witnessed this attack upon our great nation on September 11th 2001.

Everyone remembers where they were on that fateful day that America changed forever. I remember it as it was yesterday. I was in high school heading to my history class when one of my friends came up to me and told me that a plane had hit one of the towers in New York. I was in utter disbelief. I didn’t believe him at all originally. Then, I remember stepping into my history class seeing the news playing the events live on my screen. As, I watched those planes hit those towers anger and rage immediately fueled my spirit. Wondering who would have the audacity to attack The United States. I wanted the enemies of this nation hunted, captured, and killed. No quarter given. After that intense flash of emotion; sadness swept over my body for the lost of life I had just watch occur before my tv screen as I set in my classroom. I began to cry filled with pain and a the deepest sense of patriotism I ever felt in my life and until this day.

On that day the terrorism of Al-Qaeda took the lives of 2,996 Americans and left over 6,000 wounded. Watching over television many Americans felt angry and helpless because we knew their was nothing to do but, to watch the events unfold before us and to sear these horrific images into our memories. We did not turn-away from our tv’s we watched in horror, pain, and saddness. So, we would not forget what we had witness that day. As, nation we knew that America would never be the same and that our reality had changed forever.

Al-Qaeda had attack at the very heart and soul of this nation. They seeked to destroy us by destroying a powerful symbol of American wealth and prosperity. This plan was put into motion to break us, weaken us, and defeat us. The events of September 11th did strike to the core of this nation. Yet, we where a nation not to be broken but, brought together and made stronger.

In the midst of these harrowing events we witnessed the courage, selflessness, and commitment of the average American. We watched on our tv’s as Americans helped each other out of the debris cloud after the towers fell. We heard of stories of people attempting to guide people safely out of the building before its collapse. Many risking their lives for people they did not know. These brave men and women risked their lives to save others. Many of these Americans lost their lives in the pursuit of that goal.

The brave men and women of NYPD, Fire, and EMT risking life and limb to save lives. We witnessed these brave first responders rush towards the Towers. Danger and the potential of death beset around them they traveled directly into danger. Not worried about their lives but, saving the lives of others. Their sacrifice permanent. There courage, strength, and valor never forgotten.

In this tragic moment of our history we seen Americans unite to help our nation heal from this catastrophic event. We understood for generations of Americans this day would live in infamy just as Pearl Harbor did back on December 7th, 1941. That lead to our entry into World War II. The nation understood the burden, pain, and suffering would never fade from our memories. As, a nation we understood that we must heal together. Americans from all over the nation provide support to New York City and our fellow Americans. When those events happened a nation stood powerless and helpless unable to provide support. After the dust had settled the American people could wait no longer. We rolled up our sleeves, opened up our pockets, and gave to the cities and family that needed us.

September 11th showed us the beauty and strength of the American people. During a time of tragedy and turmoil we united as Americans. We stood in defiance of the terrorist who seeked to have us tremble in fear. We let Al-Qaeda know that we will not surrender and we will not falter. On that day, the world witnessed that their is nothing world more powerful or formidable than the will, freedom, selflessness, and courage of the American people. Showing that the foundations of this nation and democracy are strong.

Today, is a day of remembrance. To remember the 2,996 lives that were lost on that fateful day. To remember the countless Americans and first responders who rushed into the unknown to save lives and risk their own. To remember the freedoms and liberties we enjoy here in our great nation. Finally, to remember the strength, courage, and selflessness of the American people. We can face any challenge that this country has in front of us, united as one.

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