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Keres Dynamics is a firearms company based out of Idaho who specializes in developing and manufacturing performance parts for the SIG P320 and M17 platforms. Last week the company introduced their new slim takedown lever for the SIG P320/M17. The new takedown lever reduces the bulk of the original P320 takedown lever. The new slim takedown lever from Keres Dynamics retails for $49.99 on their website.

Below is the press release regarding Keres Dynamics slim takedown lever.

Press Release

Coeur d’Alene, ID (October 8th, 2020) – Keres Dynamics™ LLC latest product offering Is a minimalist “Slim” Takedown Lever. This new takedown lever Is designed to fit the P320 ® series of SIG SAUER ® handguns.

Keres Dynamics’ strong combination of engineering, design, and shooting enthusiasts gives them the knowledge and capability necessary to develop high quality parts to enhance the

performance, action, and safety of your P320 sidearm. This latest product offering is designed to complement their growing P320 parts line.

Existing product lines include: a flat face trigger, extended magazine release, and the first commercially available, adjustable trigger for the P320 with both take-up and over-travel adjustability. These patented designs continue to be in high demand with competitive and recreational shooters alike.

“Our goal was to develop a takedown lever that reduces the extra bulk of the factory takedown. We also added a slot so that shooters can use a coin or similar flat tool to rotate the takedown lever. These features should make this takedown lever a favorite for minimalist shooters who want to streamline the profile of their handgun. Our lever is manufactured from Case Hardened Steel so it will stand up to abuse.”

“Our mission is to listen to what our customers are asking for and innovate new products which meet their demands and enhance the functionality of their handgun. We want to hear what

our customers like, and more importantly dislike, so we can turn their P320 into the best performing handgun they’ve ever owned.” says managing partner and Director of Product Development at Keres Dynamics.

All Keres Dynamics parts feature an unlimited warranty. Bottom line Is, If It breaks, we will replace It.

In addition to enhancing functionality, Keres demonstrates their laser focus on developing parts which also improve ergonomics and aesthetics, turning your P320 into the first gun you’ll reach for when heading to the range or competition.

For more information and to view their full product line, visit

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