In Detroit wait times for residents to receive their Concealed Pistol License (CPL) are currently reaching ATF Form 1 suppressor times. Currently, the processing time for CPLs in Detroit is 10 months! In order for Detroit residents to submit their application they must make an appointment as oppose to dropping off in person. This is due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place in the city.

County Comissioner Melissa Daub has been fielding questions weeks on end over the phone from Detroit residents on the delays. Either residents haven’t been able to get through to make an appointment or appointment dates are out to January 2022.

The cause of the delays are lack of staffing and limited office space for the Clerk’s Office that processes the CPLs. Recently, the county commission has approved $74,000 infusion of cash to the Clerk’s Office to purchase extra office equipment. Despite the influx of cash delays are still long and haven’t approved much at all.

Below, is a statement Melissa Daub from a Fox 2 News article in regards to the 10-month delay on CPLs.

Press Statement

I was a little surprised that I was getting calls again this past week and the week before, calls and emails from my constituents saying they still couldn’t get an appointment,” said Melissa Daub. That the wait time was 10 months long. I went online this morning and I tried to book an appointment and the earliest I can get an appointment is January 17, 2022.

Clerk Garrett has expressed concerns about her department being short-staffed. That has been a long-term issue, and lack of office space.

I don’t want this to seem like the clerk’s office is not doing their job,” Daub said. “They are working very hard with the limited resources they have and it’s been very stressful with the pandemic.

“I think all the commissioners just want to come together and work together so residents of Wayne County can get the services they deserve in a timely matter.

Recently, the Wayne County Commission Government’s Operations Committee conducted a Zoom call where residents could bring their concerns to the committee. Allowing the committee to address the concerns of Detroit residents. I do not know if those concerns where validated with responses on how the problem was being solved to help residents.

Here is a link to the Fox 2 article for complete details.

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