What if you didn’t have to ball on a budget? What would you build? 

Most of us when we build a rifle are always prioritizing what is important in the rifle build. We can usually splurge here or there on certain parts of the build. You might spend a little extra cash on the barrel, trigger, or BCG. You are always looking to make a highly optimized rifle but, it doesn’t have that full touch of complete. At, least I have that feeling during a build.

Now, what if you had no budget and you could build to your hearts desire. What would you build then? Would you build the ultimate short barrel rifle(SBR)? A versatile jack of all trades rifle? Or would you build a precision masterpiece? That is the real question. 

For sometime I have been thinking about building my ultimate rifle. What would it look like. What would be the price point. If I chose to build a rifle with no budget. So, that is what I did. I took some time and put together my ultimate rifle build. With all the parts and accessories that I wanted to use in this build. Price was not an object to me since it’s theoretical build. I just wanted to see what I would build if I was ballin’ without a budget. 

The Criteria

The criteria is simple on this one. Build a rifle of my choice with no budget restrictions. What every I want on this build goes, no question asked. I want a silencer. Done. I want it to be an SBR. Done. I’m about to treat myself to the rifle of my dreams.

I will work from top to bottom. I will start with the upper receiver, then lower receiver, and finish with the accessories.

Let’s get this build started. 

I decided to make this build an SBR build. The barrel length will be a 13.7 inch with silencer attachment.

The Upper and Lower Receiver

Let’s start with the chassis of this SBR build. The receiver set I would use is by SLR Rifleworks. It’s called the SLR-B15. SLR Rifleworks is smaller firearms manufacturer out of Central Florida. There products are high quality and I hear good things about the company within the firearms community. The SLR-B15 receiver set comes in at $499.

The Upper


The barrel is a 13.7 inch Ballistic Advantage Hanson Carbine barrel. Ballistic Advantage is known for making high quality barrels with sub-moa accuracy with match grade ammo. The 13.7 inch Ballistic Advantage barrel comes in at $225.

Muzzle Device 

My choice for muzzle device is the Surefire Warcomp. The reason for choosing the Warcomp is because I planned on putting a Surefire suppressor on this build. Having a Warcomp allows for QD setup for my SBR build. Surefire Warcomp comes in at $125.

Gas Block

The gas block I chose for this build is Strike Industries Adujustable Gas Block. What makes Strike’s Adjustable Gas Block so unique it has 5 distinct settings and one closed settings for 6 total settings. So, there is little to no hassle in finding the proper gas setting when shooting the rifle suppressed. The new Strike Industries Adjustable Gas Block comes in at $100.


For the rail I decided to go top of the line and Gucci. I would chose the Giessele Super Modular MK8 rail. Clean, sleek, and quality built rail. The Giessele rail comes in at $225.

Bolt Carrier Group

For the BCG I wanted to step outside of the norm with this one. I have basic BCG’s. I wanted to try a Lantac Enhanced BCG. The Lantac BCG comes in at $290.  

Charging Handle 

With the charging handle I chose to go to an old favorite. I currently run this charging handle in my 11.5 inch AR pistol. It’s an Giessele Airborne Charging Handle. The Giessele ACH comes in at $85. 


Last but not least is the iron sights for this build. Again I’m choosing iron sights I currently have another build. I’m choosing the Magpul Mbus Pro Sights (front and rear). The Mbus Pro Sights come in at $175 for both. 

Below is a list of my upper receiver parts for this 13.7 inch ultimate build. 

Upper Receiver 

• Receiver set- SLR B-15 Receiver Set $499

• BCG- Lantac BCG $290

• Barrel- Ballistic Advantage 13.7 inch barrel $225

• Gas Block- Strike Industries Adjustable Gas Block $100 

• Muzzle Device- Surefire Warcomp $125.00

• Rail- Geissele Super Modular MK8 $225 

• Charging Handle- Geissele Airborne Charging handle $85

• Iron Sights- Magpul Mbus Pro Sights $175

Price for the Upper $ 1,628

Lower Receiver

The Trigger I’m going to put into the lower is an AR Gold Trigger. AR Gold triggers are drop in triggers. Just like CMC or Velocity Triggers. I have never personally used an AR Gold Trigger.  But, AR Gold sponsors Jerry Miculek. If it’s good enough for Jerry it’s good enough for me. The AR Gold Trigger comes in at $279.

Buffer, Buffer Tube, & Spring

I chose to go for the complete package for the buffer system. Giessele offers their buffer, buffer tube, and Super 42 spring in a package setup. The complete package comes in at $144.

Lower Parts 

For the lower parts I’m going to go for a Giessele Super Duty parts kit minus pistol grip for $89.

Pistol Grip 

The pistol grip is simple and basic. Just a Magpul pistol grip. The pistol grip comes in at $25. 


Again keeping it simple I’m choosing Magpul again. I would purchase a Magpul CTR buttstock. The CTR buttstock comes in at $55.

Below is a list of parts for the lower receiver. 


• AR Gold Trigger $279

• Giessele buffer tube kit $122

• Giessele Lower parts kit $89

• Magpul grip $25

• Magpul CTR Buttstock $55

Price for Lower $570 

Surefire Suppressor 

The Surefire suppressor mates with the WarComp muzzle break I mentioned earlier. The price of the suppressor is $1,070 plus a $200 tax stamp. Which will bring the total up to about $1,300. 

Vudu 1-6x FFP 

EoTech recently released the Vudu optics early this year at Shot Show and they have taken the optics community by storm. The Vudu optics offer excellent glass, clarity, and a good field of view. With all that quality they are pricey. The EoTech Vudu 1-6x optic comes in at $1,000. 

Scope Mount 

I was torn if I wanted to go with a standard scope mount or a quick detach system. In the end I decided on American Defense Recon QD Mount. The American Defense scope mount comes in at $200.

Below will be a list of the accessories for the build. 


• Surefire Suppressor $1,070 +200 tax stamp

• Vudu 1-6x FFP Optic $1000 

• American Defense Manufacturing QD scope mount $200

• Plus $200 for the tax stamp to have it SBR. 

Price for Accessories $ 2,670


Alright ladies and gentlemen that is my personal ultimate rifle build. I believe this rifle gives me the versatility that I need. If I want to do competition shooting. Done. A weekend at the range rifle. Done. Or if I want to switch up and use it for home defense. Done. Accomplishing that jack of all trades I was looking for. That doesn’t come without a price though. The grand total for this build is $ 4,868. Dammmnnn! That is a pretty price to pay for perfection. If I could have that build I would gladly pay it. 

What type of rifle would you build if you had an unlimited budget? Let me know in the comments below. 

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