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It seems that everyone is trying to grab a piece of this micro red dot pie when it comes down to pistols. Over the last 10 years mounting red dots on pistols has become more and more popular within the firearms community. With that growth in popularity you have seen a growing competitive market within the micro red dot community. Over time we are seeing more bang for your buck and feature rich red dot sights. Now, we have a new contender in the fight as Atibal Optics introduces their new Competition Red Dot (CRD).

The new CRD will features: a RMR mounting footprint, 40,000 hours battery life, 4-hour auto shutoff, and come with a 3 MOA or 6 MOA red dot. The new CRD from Atibal also features 10 brightness adjustment settings and 1 MOA adjustment.

Below, is the product description on CRD from Atibal’s website.

Product Description

The Atibal CRD 3 MOA / 6 MOA competition red dot sight is designed to streamline pistol competition and 3 gun shooting. The large viewport of the CRD will provide ample sight picture clarity during one or two eyes open operation. The lightweight design of the CRD ensures the optic will not impede the function of the user or the platform and the RMR footprint compatibility enables the Atibal CRD to fit a wide array of slide cuts and mounting plates from a large variety of manufacturers. With 40,000 hours of battery life and a 4 hour auto shut-off function the Atibal CRD will run for a lifetime off of a single battery, and the popular CR2032 battery size is widely available and can be found at most grocery, convenient, and specialty stores. The Atibal CRD Competition Red Dot is sure to enhance any user’s ability to quickly and accurately acquire and engage targets in all types of shooting competition. Step up your game and run the CRD.


• Dot size: 3 or 6 MOA
• Length: 45mm
• Viewport width: 28mm
• Viewport Height: 20mm
• Weight: 1.06 oz

The new Atibal Optics CRD is currently available on their website now, with an $249.99 MSRP. To find out more about the CRD and Atibal other optics, head over to Atibal’s website.

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