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Last year, Timney Triggers made their first foray into the Glock aftermarket space with their Timney Alpha Competition Glock Trigger. The new drop-in trigger by Timney was well received by the firearms community. The new trigger added great value compared to normal drop-in triggers for the Glock platform at the same price point. Now, Timney has introduced their latest Glock product, the Timney Enhanced Trigger Shoe.

Timney’s flat face shoe just replaces the standard Glock shoe. It will not change the feel or the weight of pull of the trigger. What it will give you is better finger placement on your trigger to hopefully gain a more consistent and repeatable trigger pull.

The new trigger shoe is able to be put in by the end user. So, no need to send it to your local gunsmith. It’s an DIY project through and through. The new shoe is compatible with all Glock Gen 3-5 models.

Below, is product description from Timney on their new Glock flat face trigger shoe.

Product Description

The Timney Enhanced Feel Trigger Shoe answers the call for a trigger shoe that enhances the overall feel of the trigger break by making the trigger feel more comfortable and predictable. The Timney Trigger Shoe matches the historic reliability of the Glock system by providing an improved trigger feel that does not sacrifice Glock’s integrity. With added benefits, such as an adjustable safety take-up (movement), the Timney Enhanced Trigger Feel Shoe allows the user to become more accurate with their pistol.

The Timney Enhanced Trigger Shoe for Glock pistols was engineered and designed to fit all models, from sub-compacts to large frame handguns. The shoe is machined from aluminum and then anodized to create a durable, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-maintain enhanced trigger feel option for Glock pistols.

Keeping up with Timney’s honored commitment to listening to their customers, the trigger can be installed easily with no gunsmith needed.

The Timney Enhanced Feel Trigger Shoe for Glocks is backed by the legendary Timney No Hassle, Lifetime Warranty, and is being originally offered in a curved trigger shoe model.

Compatible with: All Glock GEN 3-4 & GEN 5 models, from sub-compacts to large frames.

The new Enhanced Feel Trigger Shoe by Timney is available now on their website. The new trigger shoe retails at $71.99 MSRP. For more on this new shoe and Timney’s other products, click here.

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