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For last two week or so Primary Arms has been teasing what is in the pipeline for 2022 in regards to their optics lineup. Yesterday, Primary Arms hosted Discovery 2022 where the company released their new products to the firearm industry and community. The product releases for the company feels familiar along with introducing new additions coming to their portfolio of optics and accessories. Overall Primary Arms will be introducing six new optics to market, one magnifier, two red dot sights designed for pistols, one accessory piece, and a new scope mount. Let’s investigate and see what Primary Arms 2022 lineup has to offer.

Tactical & Hunting Optics

Now, let’s take a look at the Tactical and Hunting optics that Primary Arms will be offering. First up to bat are two new Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs) from Primary: the SLx 1-10×28 SFP and the PLx 1-8×24 FFP. The 1-10x LPVO will be apart of Primary Arms Sliver Brand which is the company’s mid-tier brand. While the new 1-8x LPVO will be apart of the company’s Platinum Brand which is their premium brand which means enhanced build quality and better quality of life features.

SLx 1-10×28 SFP

Finally, Primary Arms has answered the call and brought a 1-10x powered LPVO to the market. It has been many other brands such as Vortex Optics, Atibal Optics, and Swampfox Optics to name a few that have beat them but, now it’s here. Let’s look and see Primary Arms interpretation of 1-10x LPVO.

There isn’t much information on the new 1-10x. From what I can glean it will feature the new redesign aluminum body from PA along with a daylight bright reticle for enhanced reticle clarity in bright conditions, and a updated ACSS Raptor and Griffin reticle.

What will be interesting is who the SLx 1-10×28 FFP will be priced. The Vortex 1-10x is apart of their premium tier Razor HD lineup. Which is running about $2,000. Where Atibal and Swampfox provide a mid-tier price point. Coming in at about $579 for the Swampfox and Atibal coming at $799. I believe the new SLx 1-10x by Primary Arms will fall within that mid-tier price frame.

PLx1-8×24 FFP

Next up, we have the PLx 1-8×24 LPVO. It seems that Primary Arms is setting this premium LPVO to go up against the likes of Vortex and Nightforce Optics but at a more consumer friendly price point.

The new PLx 1-8×24 FFP will still offer excellent build quality and that oh so premium Japanese glass but, in a smaller form factor. The new PLx 1-8x is a compact rifle scope. Giving me more of a Nightforce 1-8x ATACR vibes than anything else.

The new PLx 1-8x goes from an overall length of 10.5”to 9.25” inches. While dropping weight from 26.9 oz to 16.9 oz! That’s some major length and weight savings accomplished by Primary Arms. The new PLx 1-8x will also feature enhanced ACSS reticles. Offering redesigned ACSS Griffin and Raptor reticles. The new PLx 1-8x seems poised to bring an competitive alternative to that market space of premium LPVOs. Price and how it’s reviewed will play a big part if it gains traction in the community.

Hunting Optics

This year it seems that Primary Arms are looking to give Hunters more options in the optics department. Hunting is a big sport in this country adding more diversity and potentially well built products is always a plus. There isn’t a lot of information about these new optics on the Discovery 2022 page. All, I was able to gather was they are apart of the SLx brand of optics, uses a second focal plane, and comes in two magnification and objective lens sizes. You have the SLx 3-9×40 SFP or SLx 3-9×50 SFP. Then, you have the SLx 4-12×40 SFP or 4-12×50 SFP. Price is unknown and release is unknown but, definitely hitting the market this year.

Red Dot Optics

Primary Arms has two new pistol red dot optics for the market. The first will be another co-branded optic with Holosun just as they did last year. This year’s co-branded optic will be HE509-RD with the ACSS Reticle. The second will be the SLx RS-10 Reflex Sight. Coming organically from within Primary Arms.

Holosun HE509-RD-ACSS

The new co-branded red dot is the Holosun HE509-RD with ACSS Reticle. Primary Arms decided to put their successful ACSS reticle within the closed emitter system of Holosun. The new red dot sights will also feature two mounting plate systems: the industry standard and the Glock MOS plate. No, price or release date on this new team up between Holosun and Primary Arms.

SLx RS-10 Reflex Sight

Next, we have Primary jumping into the pistol red dot sight market with the SLx RS-10. It isn’t much information on this optic as well. From pictures it looks about the size or footprint of a Trijicon RMR with a decent sized window. Which would hopefully allow for easier red dot acquisition. No, price or release date on this one. I’m curious to see how these optic prices and fares on the market.

Magnifier, Mount, & Scope Mount

Last but, not least we are going to discuss Primary Arms new magnifier and mount along with the new scope mount.

SLx 3x Micro Magnifier & Mount

First, let’s talk about the new SLx 3x Micro Magnifier and mount. This magnifier reduces the footprint of the OG SLx 3x magnifier by at least 25% (personal estimate) and was designed with a two screw mounting footprint to make it compatible with various aftermarket mounts. The new SLx 3x Micro Magnifier also features ACSS Pegasus reticle to help you with ranging estimations on the fly. Which is a nice addition but, you can option out if you don’t want the reticle within your magnifier. As for the Primary Arms Mount it is compact seems well built and durable. Price and release is unavailable at this time. Since it’s a SLx brand I suspect the prices will be fairly price for the market.

PLx 30mm & 34mm Scope Mount

Finally, we have the PLx 30mm and 34mm Scope Mounts from Primary Arms. The new mounts are built from Billet 7075 Aluminum that has been optimized for both weight and rigidity, making it suitable for rifles and precision rifles. The new PLx scopes use Grade 12.9 Steel Hardware. Primary Arms says this allows the scope mounts to achieve 6,500 pounds of clamping force. Which will Guarantee rigidity and retention. The new PLx 30mm and 34mm are available for pre-order and are retailing for $249.99 MSRP.

Final Thoughts

That about wraps it up for Discovery 2022 and all of what Primary Arms has coming down the pipeline. It seems that Primary is trying to give consumers a little bit of everything at all price points. Which gives gun owners great ways on how to invest properly in their gear.

What did you like from the Discovery 2022 announcements? Let us know in the comments below.

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