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By Drew Bryant
April 5th, 2022,

Radian Weapons is known for making innovative and well built rifles and rifle accessories. Two of Radian’s most well known accessories is the Radian Raptor charging handle and the Talon ambidextrous safety selector. Recently, the rifle manufacturer began offering blem versions of the Radian Raptor and Talon safety selector on their website at a discount.

The blem versions of the Radian Raptor and Talon come in at 30% off of retail price. You can buy the Radian Raptor as a stand-alone product or you can purchase the charging handle and selector in a bundle. The company makes it very clear that these are blem versions of their product. Letting you know that it will have small cosmetic imperfections that won’t allow it to pass quality control inspections. Most blem products imperfections are small and hard to find without intense investigation.

The Radian Raptor is one of the premier ambidextrous charging handles on the market. While the Talon gives users a well built, user friendly ambidextrous selector with 45/90 degree throw. Both of these offerings from blem or not come in at a great value.

Below, is a statement from Radian Weapons on the blem sale.

Company Statement

Redmond, OR – Radian Weapons is offering to the public, blemished versions of their RAPTOR Charging Handles and TALON Safety Selectors.

With some of the most stringent quality control in the industry, Radian reviews each step of the manufacturing process with the most meticulous standards. The last step, the finishing process, is key not only to providing additional durability but also in the unique tactile feel.

Unfortunately, not all RAPTORS + TALONS meet these meticulous standards, and for a limited time, Radian is making these blemished products available directly to you.

·”Bowie Knife” laser mark on RAPTOR

·No performance difference from retail product

·RAPTOR is for AR15/M16; Standard, and Suppressor models available

The blem version of Radian Raptor will sale at $67.95. Normal retail price is $89.99. The combo Raptor charging handle and Talon safety selector will sale for $101.43. Normal retail for this combo is $144.90.

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