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By Drew Bryant
April 7th, 2022,

Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) is well known in the firearms industry for manufacturing high quality rifles and rifle components since its creation back in 2008. During that time we have seen PWS grow into one of the biggest firearm manufacturers in the Northwest. The company is mainly known for producing the exceptionally well made PWS Long-Stroke Piston System rifles. In late March of 2022, PWS was acquired by Vigilant Gear Holdings based out of Georgia. Primary Weapon Systems joins a family of companies under Vigilant Gear Holdings, which include Lone Wolf Distributors and Lone Wolf Arms.

In anticipation of the acquisition of PWS, Vigilant Gear Holdings invested a lot of capital into PWS manufacturing equipment. The new parent company of PWS purchased a new stainless-steel 3D printer, a barrel blank manufacturing cell, as well as a titanium 3D printer. This new equipment would allow for PWS to manufacture 90% of its components in-house.

The founder of PWS, Dean Sylvester gave a brief statement about the acquisition of PWS by Vigilant Gear Holdings stating:

“I am very happy with the acquisition. The values of PWS have always been innovation, quality and customer service. These values will continue to define PWS as it grows, and I feel confident that Vigilant Gear Holdings will only grow these values and expand the reach of the PWS brand.”

PWS, Lone Wolf Distributors and Lone Wolf Arms will all be apart of the same parent company but, they will be remain independently operated. This allows for each company to keep their individual mission statements and remain true to their founders’ goals. CEO of Vigilant Gear Holdings, spoke of company individuality saying:

PWS is known as an evolutionary design and manufacturing company. Our goal is to continue pushing the envelope, while keeping the core values of the organization. We have a variety of innovative new products releasing throughout 2022, and we are excited to branch out to different sectors in the firearms market.

Hopefully, this acquisition will continue to let PWS grow and innovative with the firearms industry. What are your thoughts on PWS been acquired by Vigilant Gear Holdings? Let us know in the comments below.

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