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By Drew Bryant
January 24th, 2023,

Over the years, there has been a steady adoption of red dot sights on pistols. During that time, gun owners have looked for a way to protect their investments from damage. Until now, there wasn’t any method of protecting your red dot from harm and abuse. Radian Weapons is excited to announce the Guardian Optic Guard, an aftermarket mounting plate designed to protect your optic. The Guardian is rugged and built with attention to detail only Radian brings.

The Guardian is machined from T-7075 aluminum and hard anodized; the design of the Guardian provides top, front, and side impact protection. Radian also provides backup sights that give the end user an irons forward sight picture.

Radian has been thoughtful with the design of the Guardian mounting plate. The mounting plate features the company’s new STUD-LOK and TRU-SEAL systems.

The STUD-LOK system allows for double engagement of the threads versus traditional mounting plates. The STUD-LOK uses large Torx drive nuts. These Torx nuts allow for extra thread engagement, making the mounting plate a more rigid mounting solution. Because the Guardian plate is locked rearward, the slide absorbs the stress and recoil of the shot and not the mount, which protects the screws.

The TRU-SEAL system features O-rings to keep the plate snug between the plate and the slide. The seal also helps to keep out moisture and prevents corrosion of the screws. Using the TRU-SEAL technology removes the need to purchase a separate sealing plate. The Guardian plate also has optional stealth backup sights for the end user.

Below are the product description and features of the Guardian Optics Guard by Radian Weapons.

Product Description



The Radian GUARDIAN Optic Mounting System provides unprecedented protection for your pistol red dot optic. Machined from 7075 aluminum & hard anodized, the design provides top/ front/side impact protection. Optional back-up sights, provide an unobstructed, irons forward sight picture.

Our STUD-LOK ™ threaded stud/nut mounting interface is the most secure system on the market. This provides much longer thread engagement, greater hold down power, with increased shear resistance.

TRU-SEAL™ eliminates the need for an added sealing plate. Pre-installed O-rings on the mounting screws hold the plate watertight to the slide, sealing out moisture, eliminating corrosion in the mounting threads.


• Machined from 7075 aluminum and 17-4 stainless steel for impressive durability.

• Utilizes Stud-Lock interface for a reliably firm mounting surface.

• Optional backup sights designed not to interfere with sight picture of red dot sight.

• Tru-Seal system helps maintain a watertight seal to the slide.

• Corrosion resistant.

Radian Weapons Guardian Optic Guard will retail for $159.99 MSRP. The optic guard will be initially available for the Trijicon RMR and the Holosun EPS series. For more on the Radian Guardian Optic Guard and their lineup of rifles and accessories, click here.

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