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By Drew Bryant
February 1st, 2023,

All photos are from TFB website

PTR is widely-known for making HK MP5 and G3 clones. At this year’s Shot Show, PTR announced their lineup of 3-D printed monolithic titanium suppressors known as VENT. When 3-D printing, the VENT suppressors PTR used additives in the manufacturing process to avoid structural weakness caused by wielding. Within the suppressor, internal geometries have helped reduce blowback to the end user’s face and to prevent wear and tear on the firearm.

At the tip of the VENT, suppressor PTR has added a metal foam structure. The company describes this metallic foam structure as “Purposely Induced Porosity.” This structure allows the gas to escape from the can by breathing through it. This metal structure has a high surface area to dissipate heat, slow gas velocity, and increase the flow rate.

Below is a press release on the VENT suppressors from PTR.

Press Release

The new, ultra-nigh performance VENT Suppressor utilizes the next generation of suppressor technology. The design features sintered titanium and patented Purposely Induced Porosity (PIP), which enables it to outperform nearly every competitor in on the market with its unique combination of lightweight, heat dissipation, sound suppression, and back pressure reduction.

These suppressors employ a 3D-printed, monolithic, body-to-core structure, increasing their structural integrity and thermal resilience. This revolutionary design eliminates failure points often associated with traditional suppressors. Through the use of Purposely Induced Porosity (PIP), PTR’s engineers can finely tune the strength, density, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity of the VENT suppressors in ways that are beyond the capabilities of traditional manufacturing.

This industry-leading technology creates a new way to control the rapid expansion of gas that traditional bathe and now-through suppressors are unable to achieve, making the new line of VENT suppressors truly cutting-edge and superior in the marketplace.

The VENT suppressors will be available in 9mm, 5.56, and 7.62. PTR plans to have them available by this summer. The pricing of the suppressors is unknown at the moment and time. For more on PTR’s firearms and suppressors, click here.

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