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By Drew Bryant
February 11th, 2023,

G-Code makes excellent holsters, belts, chest rigs, and mag carriers. Military, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide use G-Code products. The company has had great success with its Eclipse and Phenom holsters designed for concealed carry. G-code is proud to introduce its newest IWB holster, the Syncron. The Syncron is made out of Kydex and features a modular mounting system that allows the end users to adjust the ride and depth of the holster when carrying. This system also enables you to do this with the magazine caddy as well.

Below is the product description from G-Code on the new Syncron IWB holster.

Product Description

Syncron’s minimum bulk, precision fit geometry enables a flawless transition to IWB carry.  Mounting options provide superior comfort, perfect positioning, and deep, no print concealment.  Inherent are adjustments in the depth, angle, and position of carry. Correct positioning facilitates optimal weapon presentations from deep cover. Adjustments are supported via the modular mounting points on the holster using variable mounting components. Additionally, the system is engineered to facilitate the acquisition of a full firing grip on the weapon prior to the draw. Combining these elements maximizes function respective to the user’s body type, deployment tactics, and personal preferences.

“Comfort, concealability, and performance are off the charts…”

Mounting clips Incorporate features designed to force the holster closer to the body without increasing bulk. G-Code’s Syncron IWB clips also have multiple mounting points, further increasing the range of carry options and adjustments. The mounting clips open, slide down over the belt and lock in place. The clip is actuated via a finger tab and is flexed to open allowing quick installation or removal from the belt. Clips of various lengths can be purchased to further increase choices for optimizing your carry.

RMR ready, tension adjustable.

Tactical Fuzz or Camo Coatings are available with black, tan, grey, or green Kydex. “Fuzz” coatings functionally reduce holster movement while also providing a comfort layer between the body and the holster.

All Syncron IWB holsters come with two mounting clips, option of standard or Super MoJo with necessary hardware.

Additional choices include G-Code’s NEW, patented, multi-angle Mag-Caddy.

The new Syncron is available now on G-Code’s website. Pricing starts at $59.99 for a Kydex model. For a Fuzz model, pricing starts at $79.99. The Syncron is one of the more affordable IWB holsters on the market. For more about G-Code’s new Syncron and its other products, click here.

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