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By Drew Bryant
August 20th, 2023,

HERA SPR 2-12x

Athlon Optics is proud to introduce their latest innovation: the HERA SPR series of riflescopes. Designed to cater to intermediate to long-distance shooting enthusiasts, the HERA SPR line reflects Athlon’s commitment to producing well-built, high-quality optics that don’t break the bank. With an array of features designed to enhance accuracy and ease of use, the HERA SPR series is poised to make a significant impact on the optics market.

Aiming to provide shooters with a versatile solution, the HERA SPR series offers a comprehensive range of options. The series boasts second focal plane configuration, parallax adjustments, multi-coated lenses, and a highly sought-after Precision Zero Stop system. These features collectively contribute to improved targeting accuracy, ensuring that shooters hit their mark with confidence.

The HERA SPR line’s versatility shines through in its available magnification options. With choices ranging from 2-12x, 4-20x, and 6-24x, shooters have the flexibility to select the optic that best aligns with their shooting preferences and requirements. This wide range of magnification options empowers marksmen to tailor their optics setup to the specific distances they intend to engage.

HERA SPR 6-24x

Furthermore, the HERA SPR series caters to shooters’ individual preferences by offering MIL and MOA reticle versions. This customization allows users to choose the reticle type that suits their preferred measurement system and shooting style, further enhancing the adaptability of the optics.

One of the standout aspects of the HERA SPR series is the inclusion of First and Second focal plane versions in the highest magnification options. This choice allows shooters to select the focal plane that best aligns with their shooting needs, further underlining Athlon Optics’ commitment to providing options that cater to a diverse range of preferences.

HERA SPR 4-20x

The affordability factor is a hallmark of the HERA SPR series. With prices ranging from $500 to $850 depending on magnification and features, Athlon Optics has managed to offer an optics line that combines quality and accessibility. This price range ensures that shooters don’t have to compromise on performance or precision to stay within their budget.

The HERA SPR rifle scope series by Athlon Optics ushers in a new era of precision and affordability. Through meticulous design and a keen understanding of shooters’ needs, Athlon has created a line that excels in both form and function. With features that enhance accuracy and versatility, the HERA SPR series is set to become a trusted companion for marksmen seeking exceptional optics without compromising on quality.

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