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By Drew Bryant
August 20th, 2023,

All Photos Are From Alchemy’s Website

Alchemy Custom Weaponry has carved a name for itself within the firearms industry. Their firearms achieve a level of excellence craftsmanship few company’s can match. With a special focus on 1911 and double-stack 1911 designs, Alchemy’s pistols are synonymous with precision, tailored artistry, and a commitment to the highest standards of quality. Embracing traditional build methods, including the use of quality components, meticulous hand-fitting, and American craftsmanship, Alchemy pistols redefine firearm aesthetics and performance. The latest addition to their illustrious lineup, the Quantico HiCap Carry, showcases their dedication to elevating firearms to an unparalleled level of sophistication.

The Quantico HiCap Carry is a testament to Alchemy’s dedication to offering firearms enthusiasts a true masterpiece. It encapsulates all the defining features of its larger counterpart, the original HiCap, while presenting them in a more compact and carry-friendly package. With a 4.25” barrel, ambidextrous safeties, and fiber optic sights, the HiCap Carry ensures a harmonious blend of precision and ease of use.

One of the standout features of the Quantico HiCap Carry is its meticulously tuned 3.5-4lb trigger, offering a crisp and clean break that enhances accuracy and control. The careful hand polishing and fitting of components further elevate the tactile experience, underlining Alchemy’s unwavering commitment to precision and quality.

Below is the product description from Alchemy on the Quantico HiCap Carry. This description serves as a testament to their passion for both the 1911 platform and the discerning firearms owner who values excellence in every aspect of their firearm.

Product Description

When we released the Quantico in 2021, our plan was to make a doublestack 1911 that doesn’t look like the doublestacks being produced today.  Our guns are built using the old school methods: hand fit and finished by Americans, in America using American-made parts, so we knew our HiCap needed to have that retro flair.  Now we are excited to offer its slightly shorter brother: The Quantico HiCap Carry.

The Quantico HiCap Carry has all of the same features and options as it’s big brother, but with a 4.25″ barrel.  It features our accuracy guarantee of better than 1.5” at 25 yards, an Ambi Thumb Safety, Red Fiber Optic Front Sight, extended Slide Stop, and a (removeable) oversized Mag Release Button. The Bead Blast Blue finish is completely unique in the 1911/HiCap market and retains as much of the John Browning style as possible and will show those classic signs of honest wear the more you run it. However, we don’t think JMB would mind if you choose the optional Hard Chrome or DLC finishes.

Quantico HiCap Carry – life’s too short to carry a boring pistol.

The Quantico HiCap Carry is now available for order, starting at a base price of $3895. This starting point provides a foundation for customization, allowing enthusiasts to tailor their firearm to their preferences. Optional add-ons such as front slide serrations, optics cuts, and finishes provide a canvas for owners to express their unique tastes and requirements. The Quantico HiCap Carry speaks to those who seek not just a firearm, but an embodiment of their passion for the 1911 platform and an appreciation for the artistry of firearm design.

In the realm of firearm craftsmanship, Alchemy Custom Weaponry stands as a beacon of excellence. With the Quantico HiCap Carry, they continue to redefine what is possible in the world of firearms, demonstrating that true artistry and precision know no bounds.

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