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The industry event Triggrcon took place last weekend in Bellevue, Washington. I was unable to attend the event. I did keep my eyes open on social media to get the latest on what is going on within the industry at Triggrcon. Listed below are my Top 5 products from Triggrcon 2019.

1. Polymer 80 Releases Complete Pistol and Pistol Kit
Photo From Polymer 80 Instagram Page

Everyone within knows Polymer 80 for making 80% polymer frames for Glock. Polymer 80 has been giving Glock enthusiasts the ability to build the custom Glock of their dreams from the ground up. The Polymer 80 Glock frame has been the company’s bread and butter since it was founded back in 2014. 

Now, Polymer 80 is taking the next leap and introducing complete Polymer 80 pistols that can be sold by and FFL and Polymer 80 pistol kits. 

Both the P80 complete pistol and pistol kit will be completely outfitted with P80 parts. The complete P80 pistol will include: A P80 DLC slide with front and rear slide serrations, a match grade barrel, P80’s trigger, 1911 angled pistol grip and 2 magazine for $550.

The P80 pistol kit will come with everything from the P80 pistol but will include the jig and drill bits to finish the frame. The P80 kit will run for $560. The price bump is because of the addition of the jig and drill bits to complete the frame says a Polymer 80 spokesperson. 

The new P80 pistol and pistol kit will be launching in September for sale on the P80 website. If you have been looking for a P80 pistol you will have your chance in the next couple of months.

2. Maxim Defense Releasing A .300 Blackout PDX Rifle 

At the end of this year Maxim Defense is releasing a .300 Blackout version of their popular PDX rifle. Maxim’s new PDX will also be suppressor ready and able to run a Maxim silencer from jump. Maxim Defense noted that the new PDX with silencer attached can run subsonic and supersonic ammunition with no issues. You will just have to mate the silencer with the suppressor and go. No, adjustable gas blocks needed.

The .300 Blackout PDX will be running the same features and accessories as its 5.56 and 7.62 counterparts. Which means the new .300 Blackout version will be rocking Maxim’s SCW stock, Hatebreak muzzle booster, an ALG Combat Trigger, and the integrated BCG. The new PDX will come with a 5.5 inch barrel and an overall length of 18.75 inches. 

You can pick up the PDX in a few different formats. You have the complete .300 Blackout PDX, PDX upper kit, and the PDX upper. The complete .300 Blackout PDX is set at $2,299. The .300 Blackout Upper Kit is set at $1,799. The Upper kit will include the upper, integrated BCG, and the Maxim SCW stock. The upper kit will work properly on any milspec lower. Finally, the .300 Blackout upper will cost you $1,299. As, I stated in the beginning look out for the new PDX shooting .300 Blackout at the end of 2019.

3. Ballistic Advantage Set to Release Complete Uppers Fall of 2019

Ballistic Advantage who is know for quality barrels at a reasonable market price. This fall Ballistic Advantage will be releasing complete upper sets. Ballistic will initially offer the uppers with 10.3, 10.5, 11.5-inch barrels with more lengths to be determined later. 

There uppers will be equipped with their proprietary M-Lok handguard. The system is based off the Atlas handguard designed by their parent company Aero Precision. Ballistic designed the handguards with idea of creating M-Lok handguard useable at any angle.

Ballistic Advantage says look for the new complete uppers to hit the market this fall. 

4. Grey Ghost Precision Releasing P320 Slides Soon 

Grey Ghost Precision who is know from making aftermarket slides and Glock accessories. Now, they are expanding their scope to the Sig P320 customers. GGP believes the expansion into the P320 platform was a natural progression with its popularity within the military and law enforcement community. 

Grey Ghost Precision slides will include: aggressive front and rear slide serrations, weight reduction, and RMDS cut that is compatible with 3 optics out of box (Delta Point Pro, Sig Romeo 1, & Trijicon RMR & SRO). 

The new GGP P320 slides come in 3 colors: DLC black and grey along with FDE. The slides will come in full size and compact. The GGP P320 full size Slide is priced at $429.99. While the compact slide will be priced at $418.99. Grey Ghost’s new slides will begin shipping August of 2019. 

5. Strike Industries Lineup

Strike Industries had a lot of news about a host of products that will be releasing in the fall and prototypes they are working on for the future. Strike Industries will be releasing a lot their products this fall. 

Let’s start with the additions coming to Strike’s  lineup for rifle and shotgun. For rifles Strike will be introducing a enhanced version of their castle nut with more QD spots to mount your sling and a product redesign. Strike has partnered with MOA Customs to provide receiver sets for Strike Industries customers. Finally, Strike is introducing M-Lok rails for Mossberg 590 and Remington 870 shotguns. The M-Lok sections for the 590 and 870 rails  will be located at the 3, 6, 9 o’clock positions. 

During October Strike will be releasing a few different products for Glock. Strike will be releasing slides for the G17 and G19, a guide rod mounted compensator for Gen 3-4 Glock models, and metal base plate for magazines. Strike’s G17 and G19 slides will be priced at $260. The guide rod compensator is priced at $80 and the base plate price is TBD.

Strike also showed a couple of prototype designs for a couple new products. These products are strictly in R&D and nowhere near release. First, is a adjustable QD riflescope mount. What I mean by adjustable you can lock in the scope on you rail with the QD mount. Once the scope is mounted you can move the scope back in forth to adjust for your preferred eye relief. Second, is a modular buffer from Strike. You will be able to adjust the weight from T-2 to T-3 to suit your needs.  Like usual Strike is looking to provide innovation, form, and function with their products. The added bonus it comes in at a responsible price point. 

That’s about wraps it up people. Those are the 5 products that caught my eye at Triggrcon 2019.

What was your favorite piece of news or new product from Triggrcon? Did any of my choices peak your interest? Let me know in the comments below. 

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