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Last week, Hiperfire introduce its lineup of two-stage triggers to the market called X2S. The X2S lineup consists of three triggers MOD-1-3. All three triggers are compatible with AR-15, AR-10, and PCC rifles that run off a AR-platform.

Hiperfire X2S triggers share many of the same features of their single stage counterparts. The X2S triggers will feature: adjustable pull weights, mid-grade components, and precision machining and manufacturing. The X2S triggers will also feature Hiperfire’s trademark: Radical Sear Mechanics, Cam-Over Toogle, and Tactile Weightless break to name a few.

Hiperfire’s Radical Sear Mechanics allows for the usage of heavy hammer springs to decrease the chance of light primer strikes. While also increasing longevity of the trigger mechanism. Their Cam-Over Toogle allows for lighter trigger pull without sacrificing striking energy on the hammer. Finally, the Tactile Weightless break allows no mushy over travel after the break of the trigger.

Now, let’s get into breaking down the differences of the new X2S family of triggers.


First up we have the MOD-1 trigger. The MOD-1 trigger will feature a curved shoe that can be fitted with a Hipershoe finger pad. The MOD1- features an adjustable first stage of 2-2.5 lbs depending on spring weight installed. The second stage has a weight 1.5 lbs. MOD-1 features a 3.5-4 lbs trigger pull.


The MOD-2 trigger will also feature a curved trigger bow with Hipershoe compatibility and a black phosphate finish. The first stage of this trigger is 2-3lbs. While the second stage is the same pull weight at 1.5 lbs. MOD-2 combines for total 3.5-4.5 two stage trigger.


The MOD-3 will feature a flat face shoe with Hipershoe compatibility. The MOD-3 will observe the same pull weights from the MOD-2 trigger. Which is 2-3 lbs first stage and 1.5 lbs second stage respectively.

The new X2S family of triggers will retail from $200-$225 MSRP. Respectively, the MOD-1 and 2 price at $200 MSRP and the MOD3 will retail at $225 MSRP.

Would you buy a X2S trigger for a new build or current one? What do you think about the price? Let us know in the comments below.

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