Prism scopes have been gaining popularity over recent years within the firearms community. These scopes offer versatility and range that you can get with a red dot alone. Understanding this Vortex announces its new prism offering, the Spitfire HD Gen II. The new Spitfire HD Gen II are available in 3x and 5x fixed magnification. Giving you flexibility as a shooter to use the Spitfire as a multi-role optic in your arsenal.

The new Spitfire HD Gen II have been completely redesigned versus the pervious generation. The Spitfire Gen II features a sleeker profile compared to the Gen I. In turn reducing the size and the weight versus the pervious model. The new Spitfires feature exposed turrets encased in the frame of the body. Removing the need and hassle of turret caps. The new HD Optics also has improved resolution and cut chromatic abbreviation, according to Vortex.

The new Spitfire HD Gen II uses Vortex’s AR-BDC4 reticle with subtends that work with most 5.56 cartridges. The reticle allows for fast holdovers at know distances. As, all prism scopes they have an etched reticle on the glass. In the event illumination was lost, you would still have a reticle to aim with. The Spitfire HD Gen II is also night vision compatible, for those looking to put this on a duty rifle. Also, for civilians who have night vision capabilities as well. Both models also come with multi-height mounts to find the right height for you as a shooter.

Below, is the product description and specs for the Spitfire 3x and 5x HD Gen II.

Product Description

With a redesigned HD optical system that cuts inches and ounces off the original platform, the new Spitfire™ HD Gen II 3x and 5x models are a shooter’s dream come true. Choose your ideal magnification and mounting height, then rely on the BDC-style reticle to subtend with most popular 5.56 cartridges for quick holdovers at known distances, keeping you locked on target.

3X Spitfire HD Specs

• Magnification: 3X
• Objective Lens Diameter: 21mm
• Eye Relief: 2.6 inches
• Field of View: 37.9 feet/100 yards
• Adjustment Graduation: 1 MOA
• Max Elevation Adjustment: 250 MOA
• Max Windage Adjustment: 250 MOA
• Parallax Setting: 100 yards
• Overall Length: 3 inches
• Overall Weight: 9 ounces
• MSRP: $549.99

5X Spitfire HD Specs

• Magnification: 5X
• Objective Lens Diameter: 25mm
• Eye Relief: 2.7 inches
• Field of View: 23.3 feet/100 yards
• Adjustment Graduation: 1 MOA
• Max Elevation Adjustment: 200 MOA
• Max Windage Adjustment: 200 MOA
• Parallax Setting: 100 yards
• Overall Length: 3.6 inches
• Overall Weight: 10.3 ounces
• MSRP: $649.99

The new Vortex Spitfire HD Gen II are available now. The Spitfire 3X HD Gen II retails for $549.99. While the Spitfire 5x HD Gen II retails at a hundred dollars more at $649.99 MSRP. The new Spitfire HD Gen II comes with Vortex lifetime warranty.

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