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Last night, Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee (D-TX-18) released the completed text to bill H.R.127. H.R.127 is one of four pieces of legislation Rep. Jackson Lee (D-TX) has submitted to the 117th Congress. With the full text released for H.R. 127 we will take a more in-depth look on what this bill seeks to cover. This proposed legislation has some serious ramifications for the firearms industry and community if passed.


When H.R.127 was originally introduced back on the 4th of January we didn’t know much about the bill itself. All, we knew was it’s name and that it sought to license firearms, ammunition, and put in place a weapons ban. Now, we know the nitty gritty details on what is to come with this legislation. This bill seeks to create a firearms registry, a licensing system, ban “large capacity” magazines, and ban certain calibers of ammunition. Now, let’s start dissecting this potential legislation.

Creating A Firearm Registry

H.R.127 seeks the creation and establishment of a federal firearms registry. This registry will be accessible by federal, state, local, and the military. The general public will also have access and the ability to search this firearm registry. This registry will track make, model, serial numbers of firearms, date acquired, owners, and how the firearm is being stored.

Loaning of Firearms

This potential federal registry would also track firearm loans. To loan a firearm the person would have a copy of the ID to the person he/she is lending it to. Also, how long the firearm will be loaned to the individual. This policy will apply retroactively, giving current firearm owners 90 days to supply this information to the government from the bill’s effective date.

Gun Licensing

In addition to the registry H.R.127 looks to establish a federal firearm licensing requirement to own a firearm. Applicants applying for the licensing must be 21, undergo a NICS background check, complete a psychological evaluation, complete 24 hours of firearm training, and pay $800 for firearm insurance to the federal government.

Psychology Evaluation

In regards to the psychological evaluation, you will see a licensed psychologist. This mental health provider would determine if you are mentally fit to own and possess firearms. Also, the psychologist will interview an individual’s spouse, two family members, or two close associates to, “further determine the state of the mental, emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms.” Firearm licenses will be denied to individuals hospitalized for mental illness or disturbance. Disqualifying mental illnesses are depression, homicidal or suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, or addiction to a controlled substance. The legislation doesn’t discuss how long or if any steps can be taken for the applicant to achieve a firearm license.

Suspension Of License

Just as any other federal, state, or local license it can be suspended. Your license can be suspended if you are accused and indicted on a criminal charge, lack of firearm insurance, or expiration of license.

Renewal Of License

Under this legislation federal firearm licensing will last for five years and must be renewed after that time. Renewal should take place within 60 days after the expiration of the license.

For the renewal of your license you must take an approved firearm safety course and have 8 hours of live fire firearms training. Also, apart of the renewal would be the inclusion of updating your firearm insurance with the government at the price of $800.

Antique Firearms

H.R.127 also establishes licensing requirements for antique firearms and for the right to possess “military style” weapons.

To display an antique weapon, applicants must provide evidence they own an antique weapon. Next, the must describe where and how it will be displayed. Finally, demonstrating that you have the ability to safely store the item at your home.

To possess a “military-style” weapon, applicants must undergo 24 hours of safety and live fire training. It is unclear in the legislation if this is an additional 24 hours in top of the original safety training to possess firearms and ammunition. Interpretation of what is deemed a “military-style” weapon will fall under California and New Jersey’s definitions of a assault weapon. Which are identified by name or because they posses two or more common features. Those features include adjustable buttstocks, folding stocks, pistol grips, flash suppressors, threaded barrels, and much more.

Ammunition and Magazine Ban

Finally, H.R.127 seeks to ban the sale of certain ammunition and ban what it calls “large capacity” magazines. The ammunition ban would ban the sale of ammunition of .50 caliber and greater. The magazine ban would cover “large capacity” magazines for both pistol and rifle. That means any “large capacity” feeding device, i.e. magazines, drums, belt, or feed strips.

Anyone who knowingly violates this ban shall be fined no less than $50,000 or up to $100,000 fine. You could also face 10-20 years and prison and also be fine.


H.R.127 seeks to change the landscape of gun control in this nation. This bill seeks sweeping changes in laws and enforcement. If this legislation passes it will create a firearm registry, gun licensing, and create federally mandated firearm insurance. While also banning “military-style” weapons, “large capacity” magazines, and certain types of ammunition.

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