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Swampfox optics makes a wide variety of optics and red dots at a competitive prices. Falling into that mid-tier price range. The company current lineup includes: red dots, prism scopes, LPVO’s, and long range precision scopes, and accessories. On June 28th, Swampfox sent out a mid-year product update email. The email offered information updates on out of stock items, items in production, and upcoming products that should be released in the following months. Swampfox also gave an update on delayed or canceled products as well and reconfirmed their commitment to making quality products for consumers.

Below, is the email from Swampfox Optics.

Email Announcement


Swampfox Warriors, it has been a few months since Swamp Show 2021 and with Independence Day right around the corner, we wanted to update our loyal customers on the development schedule for product launches.

Our goal is to make meaningful improvements to every new generation of Swampfox optics. We are working hard on fine tuning our projects that are close to production ready. Some projects, like Mohawk 1.5x prism, didn’t make the cut this time. The knowledge gained from developing those projects as far as we could will be rolled into making better optics for our customers later down the line.

Green emitters for Liberator II, Liberty, Justice, and Sentinel are imminent. If you are waiting for those, get ready for a sneak preview coming soon…

Warhawk and Kentucky Long precision scopes are back in production and on their way back soon too, starting with Kentucky Long 2-12x and working our way to the long awaited Warhawk series in late summer/early fall.

Kraken pistol dots have been pushed to Q4 after additional design changes. We are amping up the battery life and other key features that we know will make it worth the wait.

Rebel Series Riser and Offset mounts are launching early fall. We have taken some extra time to improve their strength level to ensure these bad boys are next level tough.

Warhorse 1-10x FFP is still deep in the development process. The most ambitious projects are also the most difficult projects. There are thousand ways to get it wrong on a 1-10x FFP LPVO, and we can’t fall prey to any of one of them. We will show an updated model with new and improved features at Shot Show 2022. We won’t rest until Warhorse is revealed in all it’s glory.

Get ready for a great 4th of July sale, including a big surprise on July 4th itself. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for the latest on the progress of new releases in the coming months.

We are working hard to make Swampfox Optics better than ever.

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