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Elfmann Tactical is known within the industry for making high-quality drop-in triggers for the AR platform. Recently, Elfmann introduced the Elf SOCOM Trigger. The new drop-in trigger was designed and built for competitive shooters, precision shooters, and law enforcement who the ability to fine tune their trigger pull on the fly. What is beautiful about the trigger is that weight pull adjustments without the need of tools.

The main element of the Elf SOCOM trigger is the ability to adjust the pull weight with your finger. The patented adjustment knob allows for shooters to adjust with their fingers without the worry that the adjustment will walk out. This is accomplished by a spring in within the trigger housing that doesn’t allow tension to change without manual adjustment. This ease of adjustment has lead to use by the Special Forces community, according to Elfmann Tactical.

Elfmann says their SOCOM trigger is drop safe no matter the pull weight. The new SOCOM lineup includes: SOCOM Match Trigger, SOCOM 3-Gun Trigger, SOCOM AR-9 Trigger, SOCOM AR-10/.208 Trigger, SOCOM Service Trigger, and finally the SOCOM Match Pro Trigger SE with ELF PRO-LOCK Threaded mounting system. Each trigger is available either in curved or flat faced trigger. The new Elfmann SOCOM trigger retails at $259 MSRP.

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