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Geissele Automatics is known for making some of the best triggers and handguards currently on the market. Geissele has steadily grown in popularity over the years due to their reputation for precision, attention to detail, and a high quality manufacturing process. A few years back Geissele was awarded the USASOC contract for Block 3 M4’s that are used by special operations forces throughout the military. One of the cornerstones of the Block 3 URG-1 M4’s is Geissele’s SSA-E X trigger. The SSA-E X adds a semi-curved lighting bow trigger shoe while retaining all the great aspects that make the SSA-E lineup so successful. Before, if you wanted access to this exclusive trigger you had to by a complete Super Duty Rifle from Geissele. Now, Geissele is making the SSA-E X trigger available as a standalone product on their website.

Below, is the product description and specs for the Geissele SSA-E X trigger.

Product Description

The SSA-E X with Lightning Bow® trigger is no longer exclusive to the Super Duty line of firearms! The SSA-E X features a Nanocoated wide body trigger and Nanocoated Hammer, with a special Chrome Nitride disconnect that combines advancements in coating design to bring about the next evolution of the venerable SSA-E. These coatings dramatically enhance wear and corrosion resistance and keep the trigger running smooth and breaking clean even after heavy use with minimal lubrication. The SSA-E X with Lightning Bow® trigger is a non-adjustable trigger, with pull weights that result in a trigger with a smooth, light first stage take-up and a crisp, candy cane-like second stage break. The SSA-E X is ideal for use in precision Squad Designated Marksman type rifles where weapon accuracy and reliability are critical and a non-adjustable drop in trigger is desired.


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• Platform: AR-15/AR-10
• Type: 2-Stage
• 1st stage weight range: 2.0-2.5 lbs
• 2nd stage weight range: 0.9-1.3 lbs
• Total pull weight range: 2.9-3.8 lbs
• Adjustable: No
• Trigger Bow Type: Lightning Bow
• Pin Size: Mil-Spec

The Geissele SSA-E X Lighting Bow is currently available on Geissele’s website. The new trigger retails for $325 MSRP.

What do you think of Geissele finally bringing the SSA-E X to market? Let us know in the comments below.

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