By Drew Bryant
October 11, 2022,

In writing and journalism you have to set a standard of professionalism and writing integrity to gain the trust of your readers. People aren’t willing to trust your work if it is lazy, poorly written, or not fair and objective. When you have poorly written content it damages a writer’s journalistic credibility and the reputation of your work.

During a review of my recent work on the Atlas Gunworks Athena articles I noticed a couple of things. First, I noticed lazy and sloppy work on my behalf. I was lazy in my execution of my content which I will explain in further detail later. Second, it is laced with big grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, and bad editing. These are the failures in my work that has destroyed the review process for a phenomenal pistol that is the Athena.

First, I will like to apologize to Atlas Gunworks and their amazing Marketing Team. You have been extremely helpful every step along the way. I sincerely apologize for misrepresenting your amazing product and not doing it the justice it deserves. I’m disappointed and sadden at my level of work on the Athena.

I am a huge fan of 2011s and a much bigger fan of Atlas Gunworks 2011s. When I was granted the opportunity to review the Ares and the Athena I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. I had been wanting to build a relationship for so long with Atlas and to finally have that opportunity felt amazing. Now, I have potentially squandered that relationship with lazy and poorly written content for the Atlas Athena.

I noticed these errors has I started glance back at pervious articles on the Athena to finish up my 1,000 round review. What I found was a litany of errors, mispellings, and grammatical errors that plagued those articles.

Let’s begin with the errors in the Athena articles. In the Athena articles I used writing assets from the Ares articles. The assets I used where fit and finish, build quality, and trigger come to my mind first. My opinion on these remained the same for both pistols. So, I used those written assets for the Athena review. When using these writing assets I did not make the necessary changes to remove Ares from those assets. So, there are times when it says Ares is thrown throughout the article instead of Athena. I found this error over 7 times in one article before I stopped counting. These errors are found when I’m describing fit and finish, build quality or the trigger of the Athena.

This is one part that shows a lack of attention to detail and laziness for not verifying that all the information has been changed and is correct.

Other errors I witnessed were run-on sentences, bad grammar, and bad punctuation throughout both articles. Ideas could have been conveyed better. Writing could have been more tight and concise. Everything could have been better. Point Blank.

Due to my poor writing and editorial laziness the review process of the Athena has been tainted. For that laziness I deeply and sincerely apologize to Atlas Gunworks for that and I hope to work with them again.

Due to this editorial lapse on my end. I will review all the articles I have written from all of 2022 and I will review and correct the Atlas Gunworks articles first.

I endeavor and pride myself on doing the work, paying attention to detail, and creating good content. On this matter I have failed. Again, my deepest apologies to Atlas Gunworks and their Marketing Team and as well to all my readers. This is my responsibility and I will rectify the problem as soon as I can.

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