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What the Victory Of Georgia Dems in Means For Our Second Amendment Rights

Last night, Georgia held its Senate Runoff election for its two senate seats in Congress. Those two seats were crucial to both Democrats and Republicans in the next congressional term stating this year. If the Republicans maintained those seats they would continue with the senate majority, lead by Minority Leader McConnell. Giving the Republicans the ability to block potentially harmful democrat legislation. If the Democrats where to win it would create a tie in the senate. Leading to the Vice President being the tie breaker on potential legislation votes. With Kamala Harris potential the new VP, it would allow for progressive legislation to move essentially unopposed through both houses.

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Censorship Is Not The Answer To The Violence

With this news cycle politicians, political pundits, and political commentators are calling for websites like 8chan to be removed. Certain influential demographics with in American news and political landscape believe censorship of this speech is a necessity to save likes and stop these mass shootings.

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Honoring Those Who Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice

The sacrifice of these heroes should never be forgotten. It is because of their sacrifice and belief in the character of this nation that we enjoy our freedoms. The freedom of speech, religion, and sex. The right to keep and bare arms. Checks and balances of government powers. The freedom of the individual. Their sacrifice has preserved those freedoms in this wonderful nation.

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Snapshot Preview: Defending our Freedoms

Freedom. Is an inherent right of all people. The freedom to speak freely, sovereignty to walk your own path, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is embedded into the core of this Nation. Freedom is one of the cornerstones of our Constitution and our Democracy here in America.