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Strike Industries continues to widen its extensive line of products for the Glock pistol. Recently, the company released a polymer magwell for Glock 19 Gen 5 pistol. The new magwell has a distinctive and minimalist design that Strike Industries is known for. While also not breaking the bank.

Below, is the product description, features, and specs for the new Gen 5 Magwell for the G19.

Product Description

The Strike Industries GEN5 Magwell for GLOCK™ G19 was designed to provide easier reloading of the magazine while adding SI styling. With the added front lip of the magwell, this SI magwell gives improved grip support. Keeping to the slender factory design of the pistol grip, the benefit of adding a funnel-like magwell to help prevent the dreaded reload bobble outweighs the added material of this SI G5 Magwell. Add consistency and cut fractions of seconds off your reloads now with the Strike Industries GEN5 Magwell for GLOCK™ 19 while comfortably carrying your pistol on your hip or in your waistband.


Flared magwell for easier magazine Insertion
– Improved grip support
– Ease of installation
– Lightweight
– High-strength polymer
– Perfect pairing with Strike EMP


  • Length: 58.01mm
  • Width: 37.67mm
  • Height: 20.40mm
  • Weight: 0.2oz

The Gen 5 magwell works G19/23 pistols. This magwell will also work on pistols with and without the half moon cut. The new magwell is not compatible with the G19X. The new Gen 5 magwell for G19 retails at $19.95 MSRP and is currently available on Strike Industries website.

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